How to Build a Disc Golf Basket Step by Step Video Instructions

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This video is a step by step disc golf basket instructional video. This is my second homemade disc golf basket modeled after “The Wilson Basket”. I wanted to share this newer video to help show how I constructed the basket. Enjoy!


Leavitt Photo says:

Who sings the soundtrack to this tutorial?

Stanley Moody says:

Love the idea, but I just did some pricing in Excel and if you have to
purchase all the materials it would cost at least 183.44+ tax (everything
could be purchased from home depot BUT the bike rim and I did not add cost
for screws or bolts) Add in Tax and labor, and you could purchase the $199
Innova basket (with free shipping) for much cheaper

Rich Moeckel says:

I like it, but why wrap all the tubing with electrical tape?

Justin LaFond says:

I’m building at least one this summer. I’d rather take a weekend, enjoy the
weather, and handcraft my own over some beers, than buy one someplace. This
one is better than anything you can buy anyway. 

Team Verdugo says:

yellow credits huh?

CO Randy says:

Now that’s what I call a high quality video, BigJilm2. Don’t know if I’m
gonna make one, but I know where to go if I do. Great songs, too. You got
skills, bro!

Grant Williams says:

Going to Home Depot to buy parts. Cant wait to get started on this. Thanks
for the video!

A New Horizon says:

Thanks for posting this! I’m planning on building my own. Ween fan, btw?

TeagueFor Judge says:

Thanks so much!

AikidoHeiwaSchool says:

Great job, great project. Lots of work, but I bet it is satisfying to
finish this all home-made. Right on.

tha1anonlymk says:

how much did you end up spending on supplies to build this basket? 

Mike Jenneman says:

Awesome basket! I’d suggest a 3rd ring of chains and a number plate on top
for a logo or whatever. Great video too!

Tom Hays says:

Hey there, what are the specifications of the chain?

will this do?

jeremiah Greene says:

I need the music playlist, songs have been stuck in my head. 

Bin Haze says:

whats the over all diameter of the bottom basket and how far apart are the
l brackets?

Zach ODiesel says:

Where did you get the 3 inch rings? I tried using steel clamps and it
didn’t work well

JustMe9 says:

That’s pretty cool, but if you subtract the $130 to build it and take a
$10/hr job for 4+ hours, you could just buy a nice $175-200 basket.

Tanner Mack says:

Can you tell me the length of the 12 outside chains and the 12 inner

Zach ODiesel says:

Cool thanks man, I was seeing I couldn’t find them at home depot. Kinda
figured I’d have to take a trip to the local hardware store 

Brandon Calfee says:

How did all this cost if you had to take a guess? I’m just trying to decide
if its a way better deal building one compared to buying one.

Alphonsus O'Rielly says:

dude, love the build, but i have to know who is the background music

Robert Williams says:

Basket looks great! Can u give us the measurements of the chain for the
length and the distance from the pole. Thanks

hawk raven says:


HellishWolf Gaming says:

Good video, You neglected to tell us some specifications here so I have a
few questions…
1. How long should the sprinkler tubing be? (Figure it out from the holes
in the brackets?)
2. How far apart is each bracket when connected to the plywood? (Knowing
this could then answer question 1).
3. I’m sure I can figure out how to get 12 outer chains around it but lets
say I can’t how far apart is each hole to attach the chain? (Knowing this
will help place the other set of chains)

I think that is the only questions I have, thanks! Hopefully I can get my
own basket ready to go! Got a couple modifications to add to it too if you
are interested, I’ll make a video too!

faijja1 says:

is good, but can you put on, the dimensions of the parts Finnish?

Yeah Right says:

Is your user name a ween reference? If so, love it!

Yeah Right says:

Looks great, what’s your estimated total cost?

Tanner Mack says:

Just out of curiosity, how much did it cost to build this basket? Is it
more, less or the same if you were to buy a basket pre-made?

Ben Moyer says:

Awesome basket! Is it portable?

Aussie_Vape says:

I would really recommend using washers throughout

TheTweetch says:

Sweet basket! What are the lengths you used for the sprinkler tubing? Loved
the video! Got almost all the supplies!

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