How to Build a Disc Golf Basket Step by Step Video Instructions

This video is a step by step disc golf basket instructional video. This is my second homemade disc golf basket modeled after “The Wilson Basket”. I wanted to share this newer video to help show how I constructed the basket. Enjoy!

31 thoughts on “How to Build a Disc Golf Basket Step by Step Video Instructions

  1. Love the idea, but I just did some pricing in Excel and if you have to
    purchase all the materials it would cost at least 183.44+ tax (everything
    could be purchased from home depot BUT the bike rim and I did not add cost
    for screws or bolts) Add in Tax and labor, and you could purchase the $199
    Innova basket (with free shipping) for much cheaper

  2. I’m building at least one this summer. I’d rather take a weekend, enjoy the
    weather, and handcraft my own over some beers, than buy one someplace. This
    one is better than anything you can buy anyway. 

  3. Now that’s what I call a high quality video, BigJilm2. Don’t know if I’m
    gonna make one, but I know where to go if I do. Great songs, too. You got
    skills, bro!

  4. That’s pretty cool, but if you subtract the $130 to build it and take a
    $10/hr job for 4+ hours, you could just buy a nice $175-200 basket.

  5. Cool thanks man, I was seeing I couldn’t find them at home depot. Kinda
    figured I’d have to take a trip to the local hardware store 

  6. How did all this cost if you had to take a guess? I’m just trying to decide
    if its a way better deal building one compared to buying one.

  7. Good video, You neglected to tell us some specifications here so I have a
    few questions…
    1. How long should the sprinkler tubing be? (Figure it out from the holes
    in the brackets?)
    2. How far apart is each bracket when connected to the plywood? (Knowing
    this could then answer question 1).
    3. I’m sure I can figure out how to get 12 outer chains around it but lets
    say I can’t how far apart is each hole to attach the chain? (Knowing this
    will help place the other set of chains)

    I think that is the only questions I have, thanks! Hopefully I can get my
    own basket ready to go! Got a couple modifications to add to it too if you
    are interested, I’ll make a video too!

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