Anthony Kim Golf Swing @ 2009 US PGA

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Graham Veitch says:

This guy is not playing golf anymore… sad!

DrSlinkyWW says:

Killin' it!!!!!!!

Tim L says:

That's how I swing! OK….daydreaming again.

Perform Better Golf says:

What happened to him this year? I'm sure he's solid in ranking. I know he was injured at one point.

KTFlaSh96 says:

i absolutely love his swing. and he even chokes up on the club and drives it 300+ easily =P wonder what would happen with a full grip 310+ much?

Alexander Vogt says:

@hd4ms HAHAHAHA yeah xD

remmy100 says:

hmm really notice the speed of the hip turns. I think thats one the issues with my swing, not enough hip movement.

David Schultz says:

@GOOCHMONSTERS it's not proper, it's just contrived. no two swings are ever the same. ak does this because his technique and mechanics are great. the kids do this because they want to look like ak.

kiddokang says:

haha all those divots make the range look like its been pooped on 😉

golfmaniac007 says:

what kind of camera do you use to capture these awesome pictures?

Jarin Todd Golf says:

@hd4ms I'd have to agree with you on that one

eddie Butt says:

They don't all finish like that ya bollocks

eddie Butt says:

ever notice that all the young felows have the same poser finish

ukclub says:

@hd4ms that just made me laugh literally outloud hahahahhaha

penprick says:

when its in slow motion, the sound of the club striking the ball always sounds like a fart in the bathtub.

Ulick Mikkeline says:

Awesome driving range!!!! xD I want one of those in my back garden, actually in my front garden so I get to show it off to every1 and not let them use it : )

cpr3584 says:

yea, most pros do not take the club back nearly as fast. maybe nick price…Nicholas thompson…snatching the club back can lead to a quick transition, and bad golf.

matt jones says:

@sickwith6661 but yet a two plane swing would be easier? derrrrrpppp

joeysonson says:

such a pretty swing….

mongoosevsgt says:

that video can be a cingular commercial.

Matt K says:

Best backswing in the business. He doesn't get enough space in his right side coming down though. He has to keep his head down and flip the arms. You can see why he struggles with hooks at times. He's on such a phenomenal plane though he gets away with a lot. He should hit balls with just his right side to learn more of a chest release as Nick Faldo might say. If i taught him he'd probably hit it 5-10 yards shorter off the tee and win a lot more.

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