[Golf with Aimee] Aimee’s Golf Lesson 021: Power Down Swing

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K BOOM says:


chinva panya says:

thks a lot , best lesson forever

Patrick Atagi says:

Excellent lesson and drill. I've taken five lessons with GolfTec, and while I can see what I'm doing wrong, you're the first person to explain it that clearly and with a drill to solve my issue. Thank you from this amateur golfer, greatly appreciated.

Ricky delossantos says:

I have never paid more attention to golf lesson, I think I'm in love!!

Lisa Green says:

Thanks Aimee you have been extremely helpful, keep up the great work. Ive been playing for a year now and you have helped a lot.

aceb47 says:

Nice video, very informative and straight to the point

Phung Hoang Nam says:

Love u✌?

Waqar Ghulam says:

Ingee chun who?

cheeky-poo says:

can u do one in lingerie or nude

Scott 88 says:

Thank you Aimee for posting these golf swing lessons – they are by far some of the best on YouTube! You explain basic swing concepts very well, add many practical checkpoints and drills and point out the "wrong ways" too. I use your videos to reinforce what my local pro tries to get me to do. Would you be able to use a super slow motion video of your iron and driver swings at full speed? Thx!

Dan H says:

Hi Aimee Thanks Alot for your very good video's. I have just started playing golf and this will help alot. Good explanation and drills . Keep up the great work 🙂

Jeff says:

aimee you are so gorgeous. i never see girls like you where i play. 🙁

Digiphex Electronics says:

Any tips on what to do now to eliminate the checked pattern burnt into my eyes?

Bandile Nkabinde says:

I don't play golf at all but it's great watching this tutorial.

Loren Trujillo says:

lol it's funny how man people comment on "how good Aimee looks" and while she does, these are great lessons! She has answered a lot of questions I have had problems with particularly with impact., the wall with the left leg (killing my distance and ball spin) and the shoulder weight transfer and how it differs between the Driver and the other clubs. Someone commenter "what retard would give her a negative feedback response…" lol No matter how good you are some ass hole is going to find fault… Thanks Aimee you have made a frustrated golfer into a happy one…

eddizz0 says:

Yeah I didn't listen at all, keep the videos coming.

Rajesh Maharaj says:

HI Aimee. Thank you very much for the tips. Very unique tips and extremely helpful. I just started playing golf and your lessons have been a great help.

Fake TonyAbbott says:

What sort of retard would give a hot Asian babe delivering a fantastic golf lesson the thumbs down? I could watch you forever, Aimee, even if I didn't want to improve my game.

alex vwenz says:

My goodness you look good in those shorts..

Ricardo says:

very good!!!

Paul Alexandre says:

, can't watch your lesson , you're too hot , can't pay attention at all , ahhhh

Wilson Hung says:

Sorry to hear that you retired from the tour due to injuries before. Maybe you should give it a shot still. After all, you are very young. I think that you are in southern California, but we are not. Perhaps next summer if we visit southern California I can book your sessions or junior camps for my 8-year-old for a week or two. Keep up the good works, and thank you for sharing your experiences!

Wilson Hung says:

Happy holidays.  Very detailed, thanks.  My 8-year-old daughter has been playing competitive junior golf tournaments in Asia and the US for a year and half (started the game when she was 4 years old).  We (her instructors, some retired pros, and myself) believe that she has very good swing paths and body movements.  However, she now tends to be stuck behind during the downswing a bit (hip and chest open up way quicker resulting in the stuck-behind position in downswing).  This issue affects the release as well, I think.   I watched Tiger Wood's videos explaining how he tried to correct the same issue developed from his junior years.  But, no drills for bringing the club in front of the chest when downswing.  Any effective downswing drills to keep the club more in front of the body?  Or, this issue would be solved when the kids develope core muscles in the coming years? Much appreicated!  Once again, happy holiday season!

Jeff Howe says:

nice!! great drills and visuals!

Randsurfer says:

This is the opposite of what you said in Lesson #1.

eric anthony says:

Beautiful and very helpful.

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