Best Hybrids 2019 on the course

We test the best Hybrids of 2019 on the course, TaylorMade M6, Callaway Apex and the Ping G410 range. Who will be crowned the Best Hybrid of 2019?

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19 thoughts on “Best Hybrids 2019 on the course

  1. I haven't hit every hybrid but I really like my Cobra F9 Hybrid. The baffles really do seem to work. I remember a lot of the older gents on the course would carry Cobra baffles but that was in the 80's too. lol

  2. I had a change of heart and went with a complete set of the T.M. hybrids. Easier for me to hit than the others. Feel great too. Spider Dubiel

  3. I hope more golf channels start doing comparative reviews in this format. These days, it would be very unlikely to find a single club review to find it a "bad" club.

  4. This is spot on the money. There are so many professionals or professional instructors on YouTube who, frankly, if the gaffer taped a wok onto a broom handle would probably make a good fist of a swing. Using real life scenarios, no data, and getting high, middle and low handicappers to try a club is, IMO, exactly what’s required and is SO, SO helpful and useful. Great stuff.

  5. Great ball flight , it looks sleek.. came off well, .. we’ll good enough , that’s a review then , “ I don’t really hit these”..
    Hmmmnnn and what does that make the Apex then .. super shot! Super fast , maybe I’ll hit it out of the middle of the club …
    “ I can’t believe how far it’s gone.. don’t forget, what club was that again .. hmmnnn , flew off the face.. I’m trying these things all the time “
    Look at that, what club was that again? Easy swing .. it’s 215, but I’ll play it 200 ?.. what club was that again?
    The performance is as good as it looks.. one bounce, .. for looks … for looks
    Flat black, real life oh yeah, what club? That noise? What club was that again.. couldn’t game it , pulled one, …
    Honestly… what the heck kind of review is that??? Sheesh.. what a waist of time!

  6. Andy can you please tell me where you played the balls from in your stance to get the height?? I can hit hybrids well but never seem to get any real height.

  7. The "best hybrids" on sale 2019 are no better than the best hybrids on sale in 2018, 2017 or 2016.
    You just happen to be trying to sell the newest models of golf equipment.
    Sooner or later the masses will cop on and stop buying into the bullshit. Yours included. If you don't like what I say. then just stop the bolloxology, otherwise be prepared to get called out on it

  8. Really enjoyed this review guys. Very well done. I just obtained a Taylormade M6 # 4 for the bag. Will try it out this coming week. Took advantage of the last day of trade ins for the 50% taylormade bonus. Got it for 35 bucks. Cannot wait to try it.

  9. This is the best type of equipment review in my opinion. Real situation on course not dry ball data inside. I hope that you do more like this. Please include shaft information

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