Are Modern Golf Drivers any EASIER to Hit and can I finding MOI

Mark Crossfield takes the modern golf drivers in an attempt to find MOI in golf drivers. How to hit driver and get the most from your tee shots when it comes to golf tech and golf club design. Golf is full of myths that are sold to golfers and when it comes to the best golf drivers, or the best golf drivers for the money MOI is a term that is used to sell ideas of accuracy and distance. Mark Crossfield golf professional takes months during the lockdowns to see if he could find MIO in golf driver and to see what we are actually being sold when it comes to golf drivers.

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10 thoughts on “Are Modern Golf Drivers any EASIER to Hit and can I finding MOI

  1. Modern technology in golf is a total scam. Per handicap records it has given us less than three strokes a round…and frankly that has more to do with the ball and range finders, and water proof shoes, better course conditions etc.

    Golf is also in a major popularity decline so one could make the argument that the golfers still playing are the most committed and that’s the reason for the ever so slight improvement.

    Just remember…MOA, shaft fitting, 460cc etc…is less impactful than a couple three puts a round

  2. MOI is an engineering term that is a measurement of the resistance to overturning. MOI increases as you distribute weight away from the neutral axis. By definition all modern drivers are going to exhibit a high MOI as they are hollow. No golfer is consistent enough to make a comparison between two modern optimised golf clubs to judge whether designs are intrinsically better from a pure physics perspective. That’s not to say that they won’t be consistently better with a particular club. Design optimisation can only be judged by taking away sources of error using a robot under comparable conditions.

  3. It seems that MOI is being construed by the golfing public as some sort of way to fix strike and swing built in the club by manufacturers. If I get Mark's point, it related to dispersion, distance and strike quality, which is mostly in the hands of the golfer. Would be interesting to se a driver made by a manufacturer that is totally non conforming but in and of itself provides perfect MOI all the time.

  4. Do this with high handicapped. I am currently at 23.4 would be interesting to me. I need to hit the middle of face better. Is the fix for me. Peace bra

  5. I don't like big drivers. They are not more forgiving than a 3 wood och a mini driver. Bigger = bigger surface to make misits on.
    I don't need to smash the living shit out of the ball from tee. Only put it in play at a total distane om 270-280 yards. Which I do with a strong lofted 3 wood or mini driver.

  6. Just a thought about gear effect on the larger headed drivers. Larger head should twist open more at impact as the strike is farther from the hosel. So, it's possible that the "best" configuration for a neutral golfer is to place weight in the toe to bias the gear effect towards the right side of the course, reducing hook spin by stabilizing the toe. Reminds me of mygolfspy's finding's that the M5 driver with the weights set both in the toe was the highest MOI driver that year. But for the average golfer, if larger heads are necessarily more left biased, that could be seen as a win.

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