TaylorMade golf drivers, hype or tech? Mark Crossfield takes a deep look into the TaylorMade golf drivers and talks tech and the hype around twist face technology. See what Mark finds hitting over 400 shots with the TaylorMade Sim driver and other drivers over many years of release. TaylorMade drivers have always been popular and have performed well for years but does the twist face tech on the new driver really do what it needs to help golfers hit more fairways and lower their golf scores. When it comes to buying the best TaylorMade golf driver for your golf game does the sim with Twist Face tech cut the mustard or is it just a lot of hype.

Post in the comments below if Twist Face has allowed you to play better golf and hit more fairways?

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  1. so many of us are looking for the one-way miss, I think you've understated the fact that SiM did exactly this for you….I'm definitley going to see if it helps me with the same. Don't be a hater Mark.

  2. I personally can never buy a tm driver again. the twist face is too aggresive for my swing. im a 2 cap and a better driver. my toe misses with many drivers are low spin bombs. not taylormade, start rights stays right. a little healy, my cobra is straight, a little lower a controllable pull fade at worst, not taylor made, pull left low……..fell for it again in the stealth plus, never again. honestly it was my worst driver since the last time i tried tm…..

  3. More aggressively negative on a product if they don't send you free stuff to demo it seems. None of these youtube golf content creators should get free stuff sent to them so then they can feel free to tell the truth about a a clubs negative aspects, Just like you do here.

  4. Mark,
    I have hit Taylor made irons and woods since 1996. I have always loved them and I have found a lot of positives with their technology, and then the technology marketing – two completely different things. When Twist-Came out my first thought was, “What a load of BS this is.”
    I resist the moveable weights and sliders and all of that crap, because if I use those and get to hitting the ball perfectly, the moment I change clubs, I have to start that process of balancing my club back to something that fixes my slight mis-hits. The only adjustable technology that I like is the ability to lower (or raise) the lofts. And even doing that slightly changes the face angle of the club.
    A lot of the technology, like the speed slot, and the polymer fill in irons, have their place, but at the end of the day, a club should not fix your shots for you. If you hit a bad drive off the toe, take your medicine, pitch out of the woods and try to save par.

  5. Taylormade has some of the best and longest hitters on the tour in their payroll. So there is definitely something to be said about their clubs and technology.

  6. Great work, thanks heaps for doing the analysis! As a stats guy can I recommend that you use the same sample size for all the clubs when doing a comparison as you might see the a overall results change.

  7. The twist face is designed to prevent toe strikes from drawing and heels from fading. So for example a pushed toe strike is going straight, but straight right.

  8. Haven’t played a TM driver since the 300 series if anyone can remember. Since then I’ve gamed primarily Ping up until I switched to Rogue and finally to Maverick. I happened to get time on a simulator at a friends house and I hit his SIM2 Max and I immediately liked it; even though I had a little anti TM bias as of late. I just haven’t been keen on their recent offerings. On a separate note, also many years ago, I gamed the RAC LT irons; one of my all time favorites.
    Long story short I purchased the SIM2 Max driver and 3 wood and I have to say my initial impression is extremely positive.

  9. Taylormade's primary expertise as a company is in Marketing. They are owned by Adidas, another company that adept at marketing. IMO Titleist and Callaway are manufacturers with solid track records. But only one company is truly product-driven. Hats off to the engineers and designers of Ping. BTW they are the only large company making their clubs in the US.

  10. Marketing say every half year…
    longer and straiter…?
    So i must drive 500 yards middle fairway every time ? ???
    All bullshit…but your money?

  11. I switched from the Epic flash to this driver. It is a one way miss driver, fade biased without a doubt. You can almost sim 15 yards left and it will come back every time. Try to hit a draw and it’s a disaster. Doesn’t everyone want a one way miss?

  12. I know people hate the looks of the Mavrik (bottom side) which doesn’t make sense as you don’t see it when setting up for a shot but that’s for another day. Anyway the Mavrik is a perfect fit of forgiveness and still giving distance. Also hi toe is almost always a nice draw when I want that. Really helps with the 2 way miss as most are very controllable. Sim was at times he longes on he best strikes but for consistency and being in the fw, Mavrik is a hell of a club.

  13. I have had my M5 hit it on the toe with a squared face and it actually stayed straight but yea I have had some if I dont turn my body I get a pushed right but that's on me… it's more if you catch it square you will see it help more… open face on the toe you better get ready to find it far right… I think the pro stats are more on their swing on the clubs again… I think it's all based how old the players were in those years… but them switching too taylormade has nothing to do with the products… they be hitting the same with any other club company.. but those stats are based on how old they were that year and where clubs were at that year.. I see the TM stuff helping but nothing going to help when you leave the face open at impact on the toe come on now

  14. Can’t say this is a genuinely neutral test, certainly looks like a dislike of TM running throughout the video. Can you say this clear issue with TM didn’t have any issue with how you hit the ball? I’m not a TM buyer as I play a Ping G410 and if I was looking for help on choosing a driver I would not be putting much faith in this video.

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