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brodygoalie says:

Had a titielst fitting last week. Guess what? My ping G25s senior flex performed better than the new Titleist t models. Fitter put me in a soft fiex and still not even close. Keeping my g25s forever!!

DokdoInKorea says:

i played those DCIs growing up. The look so small compared to the t200s i play now.

Tony Santa says:

Fred Couples plays J series dual pocket cavity irons that are over 10 years and still kills it out there.

Matpar McWolfie says:

Playing Ping Karsten IIIa from 1976. Try to beat that! Wouldn't replace them for anything!

RetroCaptain says:

My irons are ancient.
Spalding Star Flite . The lost original wedge and spare driver are Gary Player tour and have to be super ancient.

Hatori64 says:

i just started playing and I actually have the dci gold triange titleist 🙂 glad to know i can keep up

bingo golfer says:

I’m still using my 2003 Nike forged blade love the look/feel off them

Heritage Jonery says:

I play with the original black triangle DCI irons, they are very nice clubs.

Dean Taylor says:

Went from playing the 962s I’ve had since 99 to original AP2s a few years ago. The only difference is forgiveness. Distance and trajectory is the same.

Nicholas Ingle says:

I still have, and use, Titleist DTR irons. Weaker lofts, smidge shorter on shaft length but not far behind my JPX's. The DTR still very playable.

Cameron Rodgers says:

MP-32 baby!!! Feel and control over distance all day

D B says:

Bruh i still use my Nike Machspeeds, probly about 12 years old now. Never had any issues, and honestly don't see a reason to upgrade any time soon. Find what you like and whats comfortable and KEEP IT. I know guys that buy new and different sets every year and wonder why they're never consistent and don't improve much. Find what works and learn your clubs. Dont focus on a price tag or the year they came out. My putter is also probably 22 years old and I out putt my buddies who both use Scottys

Ian N says:

The difference is not in how a good player hits the ball, it’s how a mediocre player hits the ball.

Get a mediocre player to hit 100 balls with every second shot being one club or the other. Compare the results.

Then you’ll see the real difference.

TheLordoftheStreams says:

I play the Titleist Tour Model blades from the same year as your DCI’s.
I had the AP2’s from 08’ for a few months but I hated them and switched back.
I only buy new woods and wedges now.

Travel Guy says:

I bought the T100 irons a few months ago and had to drop back to my g410 irons. I’m just not that good 😅

Chad Schmidt says:

I have both sets.

Kevin Crowley says:

How would you setup older model irons to blend in with modern hybrids and fairway woods?

Rainmaker says:

Mizuno MP33 3-PW. There is no chrome left on the sweet spots anymore, but I love em.


My irons are 20 years old, I hit them just as well as new tech. Why change?

Prasetyo Sutowo says:

Cobra f9 so about 4 years

No More Nonsense says:

But but but the commercials and marketing said that ill lower my scores if I give them 2 grand for a new set. Golf equipment is one of the greatest scams going right now. Don't believe the lies.

The Game changer says:

The new clubs are just a rip off. They come up with all daft designs to justify the price. I fell for the trap, I got the p770’s last year and they are shite. Flushed shots go all different distances.

Nicholas Martinez says:

All these guys talking about 15 year old
clubs looking brand new are dropping out of the nasty shit and probably not taking their strokes.

I play at least once a week and my clubs are used in a year. I play every shot though and live in the desert.

ABC DEFG says:

It ain't the arrow it's the Indian.

Kevin Hall says:

I’ve got an old set of dci just because they look so good. I play 718 ap2 irons. My dci irons go considerable less distance for the same swing because the lofts are all different

Robert Hull says:

Blades won't change much. The forgiving clubs are getting very marginally better every year.

JJ 1266 says:

Wilson CI-11's with flighted shafts.
Nothing more accurate according to MyGolfSpy at the time of testing.

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