Are 20 Year old Irons as Good as Today's? Is there any point to Upgrade?

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Are 20 Year old Irons as Good as Todays? After an interesting conversation with one of my clients about his thoughts on whether or not he will look to upgrade his ageing irons, he thinks that his old clubs are as good as today's versions. So I have my old set of Cobra SSi irons still and they were bought (by me) in 2003. I'm going to put them up against an unfair matchup, a Blade which should be massively less forgiving……. Lets see what the results are for forgiveness.

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edwin lambley says:

Love it, what a comparison. Another bang on production. The question for your client might be do I change to new game improvement irons or give blades (maybe forged players cavity) a place in the bag. Many golfers have never even tried forged irons let alone blades so don't know what they are missing. They just listen to people saying you can't hit that type of iron you aren't skilled enough and believe them forgetting everyone played blades at one time. If it was true no one would have taken the game up.

Maria D says:

Would love to see the results of a 20+ handicap vs a single digit (assuming). Would imagine the blades would be sprayed in all directions.

C H says:

Awesome content, been watching a ton of your videos! Not seeing much else there like this on YouTube.

One piece of feedback I have is I think it would make for a better presentation of you didn't read off every single number in your data comparisons and just called out the signifact differences. Would help keep the video more focused on the comparison and not lose me in data. Again, thank you for the content and I can't wait for you to get your hands on the new T Series from Titleist.

SoCal Golf says:

Feel is overrated

slytown says:

Really great comparison. I would not recommend blades for most players, but I think this shows that if you are mildly good at ball striking, you can consider them. Despite what people say, things like grain flow forging, micro-milling, v soles, tungston weights, and muscle-back designs have made modern blades more forgiving than old blades.

Mick M says:

Am I the only idiot that still didn't understand if it's worth buying new? I'm just getting back into golf again and have NIKE CPR irons from 20yrs ago. They seem pretty good but if I'm missing something, I'll buy new irons NP

Robbie Cleigh Marks says:

I've been playing Cleveland CG2s since 05, and hit them well. But I just ordered some PXG 0311s and I'm excited to see what happens.

Michael Roberts says:

Hit them higher on the face and test agian

pippydog28 says:

Worthless video

Jarrett Teel says:

This is literally the question I was trying to figure out how to answer. Thank you so much.

JW says:

I see guys at my club playing excellent golf using 15 old irons every week

Je K says:

So are you telling me I am good enough to play blades??? 😂 Thank you always!

Paul H uk says:

Apples and oranges, why not test 20 year old cavity back against modern cavity back? Waste of time

Nick Hines says:

Remember people,it's not the club,it's the man swinging the club. If you haven't figured that out yet, you should take up gardening.

Just an Aussie says:

Your comparing apples with oranges. Pointless video.

Mike Johnson says:

Interesting video.

Grayghost 66 says:

I play blades for feedback, not because I’m a great ball striker. I usually know where my ball will end up based on the feel of the shot. With cast cavity backs, I am not sure where the ball ended up without seeing it.

KL says:

The shaft and grip technologies might be even better, especially graphite iron shafts. I think Recoil with Smacwrap are tops. Not much downside at all except for really strong swings. Just need to get them properly fit and swing weighted.

On, and great test with a shocking conclusion. Just think of all the seniors with vintage clubs we play with who are effectively playing blades. 😐

Adam Vlassis says:

Too bad you can’t test the heads with the same shaft. Not sure if the cobra had more shaft droop or a flatter lie but a less upright club can lead to a weaker shot. Although I would say with new grips and possibly refit the old clubs would be fine. Maybe put that money into lessons. A 20 year old wood is a problem tho. Go get a new driver/3 wood. I’m glad you actually breakdown club data

Higher Ground says:

Not an apples to apples comparison.

N C says:

New forged vs 20 year old cast. Not sure of the point

Derek Whyle says:

Sorry to be “ that guy” but….. I don’t think the comparison was a good one, although I totally understand you were working with what you had available. The Cobra was intended for mid/ high handicap golfers ,and let’s be honest they were not a good club even 20 years ago,the MP20 is a tour level blade. In the 90’s there was a big switch on tour away from blades to cavity backs , so there are plenty of older cast clubs that were used by the top players to choose from from. Comparing a ,loft for loft, Ping Eye 2 from forty years ago with the Mizuno might give some surprising results. Irrespective, I still enjoyed the test, thanks

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