The BEST Iron I Have EVER Hit…..END OF!!

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In this YouTube video I review and hit possibly the best golf iron I have ever hit in my life!! The feel and how soft they feel on impact is amazing with this unique forged golf club. This golf brand I have heard of but over the years have never had chance to swing and hit…….I am gob smacked at good they feel!!

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30 thoughts on “The BEST Iron I Have EVER Hit…..END OF!!

  1. I made 75 sets of blades from S25 carbon. Vega is the only brand I know that has done this other than myself. When it comes to feel this guy isn't lying. This is why I named my iron S2FIVES… there's nothing like S25 steel for irons

  2. The best iron I ever hit was a Tommy Armour 845s Titanium face 9 iron with G-force 3.3 Regular flex graphite shaft. They still have never been able to design a better golf iron in 25 years, not Ping, not Callaway, not Titliest, not Taylormade, not any of the manufacturers.

  3. I've been playing vega vm-02 since 2010. Got fitted for vmb and they feel so much softer. But limited options of shafts available now as had project x in vm-02. Best irons in the world in my opinion though

  4. High quality content again, Michael. Never once heard of this brand. Have to say they are out of my range, but nice to see something not on my radar

  5. Only 9 degrees difference in loft between the 5 and 8 irons and then 10 degrees between the 8 and PW. I'm sure they feel great but those are probably not going to gap right.

  6. For £1474 for 7 irons with shimada shafts. That sounds like a lot for a set of titleist or TMs which are just as good for £400 less. I would buy a set on eBay first before buying new. Glad you are reviewing away from mainstream.

  7. Jeez, if they feel THAT much better than high end American irons, and I'm some LIV player that just signed a 9 figure deal, I think I'm playing those and just turning down iron sponsors. Winning's more important when you're already floating in cash

  8. That's, why i play Mizuno irons, over 15 years…?
    Yes…Miura, Vega and some others, are mabe a ?bit softer…
    but, the Mizunos are soft enough?

  9. Michael, I’ve just bought a J LINDEBERG LTD4 SATIN GOLF WEDGE, 60 degree. Haven’t hit anything with it. Thanks for reminding me I MIGHT have made a good purchase. ??

  10. Nice to see someone actually review a club that all the other youtube golfers aren't, great looking set's of irons, milling in cavity look class. I have been watching you for a while, and yep i was one of the none subscribers, you just got a subscribe, nice to see someone who does a no nonsense review, without the swag of some of the muppets out there 'rick shields' comes to mind

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