BEGINNER SERIES 006: Full Swing | Golf with Aimee

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I am going to assume you have seen all my BEGINNER SERIES, show you how to make a full swing.
I will show you 3 positions, and a drill to help you master your full swing!

I hope you enjoy!
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Nicole nachba meunier says:

When you are an old player …you are not enough flexible to have the same finish you show ….

Ken says:

not crazy about your shirt… just saying 07/2022
but lovely communication

laferj317 says:

Love it⛳️

Thanh Vo says:

You’re amazing. I’m an absolute beginner and you’re my instructor.

Soon Gloege says:


Bikash Sainju says:

Hi Amy happy new year. Would it be possible for you to make video on 5 iron?

Carl T says:

great teacher.

Leslie Luciano says:

Aimee is of the best YT golf instructors. Her videos are concise, to the point and easy to understand.

Ernie Contreras says:

I want to listen

Lan Huynh says:

I have been watching a lot of videos on the full swing and this Aimeefied is the BEST! The bowl visualization really helps the student know where the elbows need to be. No need for any other videos… Golf with Aimee is all one need. Very good teaching!

Norman cuillerier says:

I'll be looking at these videos all winter long.. Aimee makes it so easy to understand the concept.

Andrew Peris says:

Thanks Aimee, the beginner series is just excellent . Simple easy to follow instructions . For the first time I have confidence in my swing . One question , after the backswing at the top , when I move my hips I find it difficult to keep my eyes on the ball , any thoughts on this .
Thank you

Norman Harris says:

Gotta say this has been super helpful

egt777 says:

Short, simple and effective. As a senior golfer, I enjoy watching your videos.

13DiBartolomeo says:

Terrific lesson. Thank you. Dom

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