I Finally Discovered Exactly HOW TO HIT DRIVER STRAIGHT…LIVE Golf Lesson

Caught on Camera! After 27 years golfer finally stops slicing driver and discovers exactly how to hit driver straight and long.

In this live golf lesson look over the shoulder of golf coach Danny Maude and watch step by step as Jonathan discovers what was causing his golf slice and exactly how to stop it.

Danny Maude is not one to promote quick fixes but if you follow this golf video and are prepared to practice your golf swing you will be amazed at how this golf lesson can help not just your driver golf swing but also your ball contact with your iron swing too.

Watch the full golf lesson here: https://youtu.be/l_eQrW8st9A

20 thoughts on “I Finally Discovered Exactly HOW TO HIT DRIVER STRAIGHT…LIVE Golf Lesson

  1. Hi Danny – just watched this and wanted to thank you again for a fantastic lesson. What is so impressive is the absolute clarity you can convey so quickly. Obviously I’m horrified by how my swing looks lol – but I guess all that matters is where the ball ends up and the score on the card. Appreciate the kind comments from your viewers – it’s always so hard to take a concept that you see or are told about and to actually do it, but having Danny there to guide me made a huge difference. When I walked into that session, I felt completely lost. I had no idea that I was moving off the ball so much. I’d tried all sorts of tweaks and fixes. Now, thanks to Danny, I have a clear process to work on and can honestly say that he is a genius. Thanks Danny. Really appreciate it.

  2. A salute to you and other YouTube golf Content Creators that help golfers with their golf swings. It also translates over to the VR golf community as well (the ones using realistic physics) so I wish you all the best this holiday season. I hope that you and other content creators can help spread the wonderful sport and past time that has been, is, and always will be, golf.

  3. Danny, I've watched this video multiple times … waiting for the driving range (with Trackman) to open. Wow! Just wow! As you explained ball position and high hands, I started hitting small draws then larger until I could dial in a wicked hook! Amazing. I've always given balls to the right side of the course, even though this past summer I learned to hit mostly straight balls or gentler fades. Unlike Jonathan, my handicap is 17.

    A few fades accompanied all of the draws. And, like Jonathan, when it came to driver, I was concerned that it just wouldn't work. Danny to the rescue again!!! I still have trouble lining up to the right and expecting the ball to be center or small draw … but, I'm beginning to get it.

    OK, I'm convinced. Now (cold, dead winter in the midwest USA), I can wait until I can get on the course again. What a wonderful session at the driving range. Thanks, Danny!!

  4. Danny. It's no wonder why you have so many subscribers! Great video. I have one question though. In the driver setup, do you line up the shoulders along the line of the feet or do the shoulders stay parallel with the target line?

  5. well, it looks to me as though he has spent so much time swinging, without a ball, watching the movement of the club, trying to create the arc, that it has become ingrained in his swing. so, really he needs to find an alternative way of checking on his swing arc. so, obviously he needs to use his peripheral vision, instead. and, if he just simply cocks his head to the side slightly, at address, and watches for the moment the when the left side of his right forearm is facing straight in front of him; and, then from that point levers his right arm back to the top of the backswing, it may help to stabilise things.

  6. Another great clip, clearly explained verbally and visually. I have almost identical problems as Jonathan's. So my takeways from this clip for the iron are holding the golf club higher and place the golf ball a bit more to the right. Great!!

  7. Great video. Especially the high hands for the draw feel. Tried it in the garden and could feel the face close by itself. Question: would low hands support a fade with the irons? Limited possibility of trying as it is freezing -10 C* and 4 inches of snow…
    Edit: compliments to your student for volunteering – he is one of us!

  8. As I stated before. Danny tips on his student, I applied it this Saturday. I shot a 78. I place my hands high and I kept my right elbow close to my body and an inside out swing but striking the ball and leaving a divot Like I said, he has help me tweak my game. Thank you Danny.

  9. Danny, I don’t understand the difference between club path and swing direction. You point out the numbers all the time but I can’t separate them in my brain. Thanks, Leslie

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