Sean Foley on How to Get the Correct Backswing Sequence | Golf Lessons | Golf Digest

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Tiger Woods' swing coach Sean Foley shows Golf Digest how to start your backswing: turn your pelvis and upper body away from the target as much as you can.

When we're talking about plane in the golf swing,
really what we're talking about is the overall
movement of the sweet spot in a horizontal or incline plane.
One of the key parts to being on plane
is to understand sequence.
So we've all been told, maybe at one point or another,
that we need to take a one-piece takeaway,
the thing I see with that feel in amateurs
is that when you take a one-piece takeaway,
they turn really early and now the club gets inside
their hands and their arms only lift to one point.
So now, the sweet spot planes way across the line,
causing too many adjustments on the down-swing.
What I would advise you to do is understand that
the club-head has to move the longest distance,
the arms move the second longest distance,
the torso the third, and the hips the fourth,
so get the club moving in a vertical and a horizontal
manner with the hinge, see how far you can move,
with the hinge before everything moves.
So you go, hinge, arms, torso, hips.
If you do that, you'll sequence your plane,
and you'll hit better shots.

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Sean Foley on How to Get the Correct Backswing Sequence | Golf Lessons | Golf Digest


Marissa J Golf Fitness says:

Good to know thank you😊

Alan Shinny says:

Would liked to have seen this 8 years ago. Better now than never. This is very practical, yet unique in golf instruction. Can't say enough good things about this. Much obliged!

April C says:

Because of these golf swing techniques , Jοmtοnο Naha (Go ogle it), I was able to know “hows” and “whys” of a fine golf swing and its a variety of elements. I have read the book twice and made 15 yards more on all irons, 25 more on my driver. My satisfaction of golf has doubled and my self-confidence has increased..

Scott Edmiston says:

Good stuff. I would add Harvey Pennick's advice about a slight forward press down on the left foot to start the backswing sequence. I find it gives you something to push off and it's a good trigger move.

Alfred Brown says:

Correct golf swings are about understanding how and why they are carried out and those things are found in golf swing secrets. I have read the book twice and realized 15 yards more on all irons, 25 more on my driver. My satisfaction of playing golf has doubled and my self-confidence has raised.. You can find this book on Google. They call it Logan Ballοyshot


When I was still a beginner, I was able to attain a slice and 150 yards by conducting a normal drive. After mastering these golf swing strategies. Now I strike drives between two hundred and two hundred and twenty yards and occasionally longer. Now, my handicap is sixteen when compared with when I was starting out with 26. Get yourself this guide now and don’t miss out. I found this book on Google. Name is Logan Ballοyshot
Best luck

Stanley13 says:

never like his teaching

Robert Johansson says:

stop teaching golf please

JJ Massie says:

so u hinge right away?

JJ Massie says:

totally a new approach of backswing…

Sam Brown says:

Foley is the best in the business by FAR in my opinion.

It’s a Canes Thing says:

Like it

Joe Public says:

This guy is a golfing guru for sure.  He's the reason Tiger is back in the game.

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