Ben Hogan lots of swing footage

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Dewey Steinmetz says:

it looks like he just snaps that front leg like tiger use to do and just pivot hard around it.

Greg Whorton says:

the music is lame, the swing is incredible!

Justin Welch says:

just look how relaxed and smooth he looks love his swing from start to finish

nobodyaskedbut says:

Most of this film is Hogan pre-1949 injuries and some of it pre -WW2. Hogan reached his peak prime during this time and was the greatest player the world will ever see between 1941 and Feb 1949. In 1941 his tour ave for the year which incl. 16 top twos & 25 top fives was an amazing 70.5 for that technological time frame. In 1942 he shot 271 in both the Hale America National Open & the North&South Open (at Pinehurst 6879 yds). He won 13 times on tour in 1946 & 10 times in 1948 incl. a 276 in the US Open at 7000 yd Riviera. All, BTW without being allowed to clean the ball on the green. As Hogan himself said he never again played as well as he did before the accident. This film from the 40s shows what a magnificent athlete Hogan was in his ultimate prime when he played at 5-8 145 lbs and was as long as just about every other player and clearly more accurate and consistent than anyone else. His incredible accomplishments after the massive '49 injuries is just a testament to his incomparable will, tremendous competitiveness and unmatched great understanding of the game and the ability to adapt his own golf swing & game to his lessened physical abilities.

Kareem Osman says:

hogan swing makes my heart dance filled with love.swinging like hogan should be on everybody list of achievements before the bucket is kiked

Benito Juarez says:

Awesome compilation with good music to go along with it. This video makes me want to play golf, more so than watching the PGA of today.

Tommy H says:

an awesome video and with the greatest golfer.

John D says:

At 1:18, at what looks like maybe Riviera, the one-piece left side takeaway, turn to the top, pivot, reverse and unleash with power and balance, complete with photo-flash finish is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.  The power and balance are absolute perfection!  No wasted anything.

Priceethan011 says:

Great video! Can I get the name of the song anyone?

x sauceda says:

The master.

Charlie Pilgrim says:

just incredible what a man and what a golf swing!

Robert McDonough says:

Great post! Thanks!

vince guest says:


Jaime Cevallos says:

Great job on this video!

Vee Dub says:

Hi GolfAus/TwoMasters! This VeeDub from AdvancedBallStriking and I wanted to thank you for this video and soundtrack. I watch and listen to this and Hogan Mistique everyday during breakfast to get psyched beforing pounding carpet! Thank you very much!

CaptainAndrewWiggins says:

wow he definitely shortened up his swing dramatically towards the end of his playing years

Dave Dunlop says:

just so so good. How open is shoulders are through the ball amazes me. As does his footwork. Can't wait to learn all about the ground pressures!

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