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Blake Heap says:

When I was a kid and knew nothing about golfing, I took my dads brand new set of caraways drivers and destroyed them by hitting balls off the concrete…. I had no idea how much trouble I was about to be in😅😭

Dan says:

Dude I bought my first set of clubs in a cool old leather bag few years back knowing nothing about golf for $100. Today I found out they’re from 1978😂. I still use the irons but I bought a new driver, another driver and a 3 wood, a putter, a 5 & 7, and some wedges all for under $200. Had my best round today. Might gift myself some newer clubs for the holidays but I’m gonna keep these!
(Wilson 1200LT)

Tom Murphy says:

Man I love Edwin Watts. Moved away and don’t have anything like it near me miss that place

RyZe RyZe says:

do you guys have a xr 05 taylormade driver?

Joe Kim says:

hey i have those irons!

The goat says:

Where was this at

john dow says:

90$ for a 2nd hand old wedge is fkn insane..
I got a 52,56 sm8's 6 month old for 120€ in are being robbed blind by theses stores..paying for they're rend bills and staff..shocking behaviour

15639 A says:

How about for a women’s set?

Rusky Rosco says:

If you can't swing, get a Ping.

Demario Gake says:

bro does he sound like chris fix to anyone else?

Joshua Foose says:

Where is this?

RJ says:

Dam that wedge was expensive as hell it seams

Loudd says:

I got an interesting question. What’s the best/most “ahead of its time” club you’ve ever seen?

Mike says:

Where do they have stores like this

Paul Schuler says:

Be careful with the irons I have found bent shafts in the sets before. It can be very frustrating

Jammy Toons says:

I didn’t know this is what Edwin watts was like inside 😂 I live in Atlanta I just never went inside 😅😂

Ethan Q says:

Is this the in Little Rock

Matt Grigsby says:

I just found a set of xr Pros 4-aw and thought it was a decent deal paying 480.

larry Green says:

Is edwin watts everywher or just mobile

Greg says:

Dude I have that same exact driver

Osama says:


David Stribble says:

Nice finds!

Tyler Brannan says:

I was about to comment i never fi d goodwill deals like yall in my area but if yall live near where you golf im 15 mins away😂😂

FreshlySnipes says:

Negative – that Titleist 905t driver is the money pick

Drupp12 says:

Wish I could find a place like this around me damn

Elliot Laplante Nadeau says:

Is there any shop like this in Canada?

Dynamical says:

I got a set of mg23’s from Edwin Watts

XOwave ॐ🌙 says:

I never knew why i didnt golf now i know

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