BEST HYBRIDS OF 2022?! | Ultimate Golf Hybrids Comparison

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This ultimate golf hybrid comparison breaks down the best hybrids of 2022 from the fitting bays at 2nd Swing stores. With so many terrific hybrids available for golfers, it's important to know the similarities and differences between all the models from the top brands. This golf hybrids comparison features the PING G425, Titleist TSi2, TaylorMade Stealth, Callaway Rogue ST Max, Srixon ZX, Tour Edge E722, and Cobra LTDx.

In this video, 2nd Swing's Drew Mahowald and Thomas Campbell use Trackman to conduct a head-to-head ultimate golf hybrids comparison of 2022.

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Sports Dad 33 says:

Only 4 shots for ping. Take out the 5th and worse one of all the others and Ping isnt top 3 tightest anymore

William David says:

Cobra LTDX ftw

Home4Ya says:

did any of these have draw bais? Most neutral? almost bought clev halo hybrids (wish you hit) but guy at shop said they were "draw bias" and my misses are hooks so i went to ping (twice as much) for adjustments (F settings), was he correct cause i liked the looks of the halos and heard great things?

1689 Confessional says:

I tested the TaylorMade, Titleist, Cobra, Callaway, and the Ping. My best results were with the Ping by a lot, but results are different for everyone.

Scott W says:

That callaway 5 hybrid is disappointing. I have the 4 hybrid and it is great (and the 5 honestly hits the ball well) but the amount the 5 sits closed at address is insane. It's almost impossible to not hit left even though the 3 and 4 are relatively neutral.

Airport49 says:

Forever, I have never really thought how the club "looked" at the address really had any effect on how I played golf or if it had any impact on my playing any club…..I guess that is just me of course…..but really, how long do you really look at the club head when in the address position?..

YukonJ says:

Really informative tests and great to see so many clubs tested. Keep up the great work guys!

Bill Wallenstein says:

It’s always good to see the machine do his thing

NorthMan83 says:

Where’s the PXG 😮

Khay Insixiengmay says:

Ping G425 hybrids ftw

Paul Brown says:

All depends who hitting it

Just Saying says:

Would like have seen mizuno as part of this test.

Paul Kempster says:

I have the stealth plus models 4 and 3 hybrids with the adjustable high and low on them they work really well high launch and stopping power on approach shots

W. Crowell says:

Ping G425 hybrids. 3,5 and then G425 5 wood. Callaway Rogue Max driver. Working for me!

Nixxtrr says:

What's that horrible accent? Sounds like an Aussie that's spent too much time in America

Scott says:

So what did they rank as best? Callaway releasing new paradym hybrid soon and Titleist is launching new tsr hybrids soon too. 👍🏻

Lance Chu Choc says:

T.O.U.R E.D.G.E E.X.O.T.I.C.S 💪

77bovi says:

Nice inclusion of the E722. Very impressive results. Would love some review on the looks as some brands have a wood look (taylormade) vs more iron look (callaway). I cant hit a taylormade hybrid for the life of me.

Jeremy Hill says:

I can’t speak highly enough of the Wilson launchpad 5 hybrid. My new favourite club. Launches high, fantastic spin and completely dials out my fade which becomes more of a slice the longer the iron hit.

Team LeBong says:

Fairway woods and hybrids for the win. I’m 34 and go Driver, 16.5* HL 3w, 21* 7W, 25* 9W, 30* 6H, 34* 7 hybrid,

Stephen DiBari says:

My son has a 4H Cobra Speedzone hybrid and i just bought a 3H Speedzone hybrid. Definitely more backspin with the Speedzone since they only have one rear weight (12 grams). Starting with RadSpeed they starting putting weight towards the face (Radial Weighting which lowered the spin)… now with LtdX looks like they chopped down the rails and to gain distance they lowered the spin even more with their PWRCOR. I'd rather stick with the Speedzone, hit the center of the face and get the proper backspin to hold a green from the rough.

Steve Smith says:

i had the older Callaway Rogue 5 hybrid but i struggled with it, got the tsi2 5 hybrid because it was adjustable the difference was huge the Tsi2 went a lot further and straighter BUT the paint finish on the TSI2 is rubbish as i skied a tee shot and the paint finish was scored deeply compared a Cobra Tec 4 hybrid which has a hard durable finish.

Ian CombatMedic-RN says:

Really like you guys using the 5Hs for this test. I ajusted the top of my bag to Driver (10.5), 5 wood, and 5 Hybrid (Taylormade M4) this year. I only hit the driver (250-275 yard carry) if I'm really feeling it and there's not alot of trouble. The 5 wood is my go to fairway finder with 235-250 yard carry. The 5 hybrid has replaced my 4-5 irons completely, and I may choke down on it if I'm not feeling my 6 iron for a 185-200 yard shot. I know theres a lot of gapping issues with this at the top end, but for someone that consistanly shot in the 90s, this and more short game practice really helped me shoot in the 80s this year.

William Klosek says:

Should have put the Mizuno in it's probably the best out of all of them.

Rafa Bonati says:

The more I learn about Ping, the better they look.

jchtube says:

How is the new rogue different from the old model rogue?

Allan T. says:

How long a shaft did the E722 have compared to the stealth?

Justin Morales says:

Interesting seeing them all laid out like this. I’ve tested most of these myself and gamed the ZX all year and liked it so much I actually got a back up. I love that the ball speed is low and it doesn’t have the jumpy one in it. It plays just like a helpful 4 iron but doesn’t ever surprise me with a ball I don’t expect to see.

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