BEST DRIVER OF 2023? | Paradym vs G430 vs Stealth 2.0 vs ST230 vs TSR vs Aerojet vs Dynapwr

In this video, we take a look at the current line up of drivers for 2023. These include the Callaway Paradym, Ping G430, Taylormade Stealth 2, Mizuno ST230, Titleist TSR, Cobra Aerojet and the Wilson Dynapower. As usual we are spoilt for choice with clubs to choose from and with all of the new releases for this year i thought that it would be good to put them all against each other to see which would come out as the top performer..
I tested all drivers in a similar model with a spec that suited me to find out which gave me the best dispersion and for what we all want to know which gives the most distance!


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23 thoughts on “BEST DRIVER OF 2023? | Paradym vs G430 vs Stealth 2.0 vs ST230 vs TSR vs Aerojet vs Dynapwr

  1. I think it goes without saying these days but this is what I found and the results may vary from one person to the next. That’s why I always recommend that you try them out for yourself where possible ????

  2. This 68 year old 6 Hcp grumpy git wants to know why the numbers on the graph are so small? Was a robot used to take the human elements out during the test? Why are shaft flexes measured by weight? Is a physicist involved anywhere to explain when shafts flex and when they will unflex to allow kick point to function and explain how they overcome centrifugal force no matter what the swing speed is? Lastly why does this years product out perform lasts yet handicaps remain consistent? Though this is a driver test the best putter I have come across over the years is older than me and still makes magic with his hickory shafted putter he has owned for over 60 years. IT'S NOT THE CLUB IT'S THE PERSON USING IT.

  3. The only thing that will cause longer & straighter is the proper swing. If you're spending nearly $600 for a driver believing it will make you longer & straighter, you're being scammed by the manufacturers with false claims. The technology behind the clubs definitely makes them easier to hit, but not without the proper swing for a driver. Here's some cheap advice for you. Take the $600 you're going to pay for the driver & buy lessons instead. You may find that you don't NEED a new driver to hit it longer & straighter. Even testing them for comparisons should not be done by humans because there are too many variables in your swing including where you're hitting the ball on the face, different swing speeds, which will all affect the other numbers for spin & distance. These numbers can only be accurate using AI like the original Iron Byron or whatever is comparable today. Most people aren't getting fitted properly so even if the numbers for the individual clubs are good during comparisons, buying off the rack could likely change everything.

  4. Always surprised when I see good ball speed on the Stealth 2 in reviews. I've tested against the TSR2 and it was terrible, the Titleist blew it away on ball speed.

  5. The Paradym was snubbed, you should have hit the standard version or the X over the triple diamond, most of Callaway’s tour players don’t even use the TD because it’s wild. Still a great test though, well done

  6. For the Callaway Paradym you should have gone with the Standard Model and not the Triple Diamond.. That is why the numbers were not as good as they could have been..

  7. went to fit my daughters driver today. She spent about 2.5 hours and hit EVERY new drivers of 2023 at the fitting center. In the process, we changed the weight and used many different shafts and so on. My daughters current handicap is 0.4 and competes in a nation wide Jr tours where she is nationally ranked somewhere. That being said, she is a elite golfer. Before we go, we talked about getting Callaway Paradym, Stealth 2, or new Titelist driver. Long story short, she is fitted with Cobra Aerojet 9* with 60g shaft, R flex. I was shocked and disbelieved. COBRA? are you kidding me? Never ever thought in my mind that my daughter with Cobra driver. She never owned one before and she never even hit one before until today. Every stat was so much better with Cobra than other drivers. Especially the accuracy was beyond everything. After paying $600+ include fitting, I was very skeptical . We went back to home with the driver and went to golf simulator right away. Same result. I don't know,.. i still don't like that brand name and sounds like some knock off golf club that sells in target or Walmart. She will take that driver to field tomorrow and see. I hope this is the one that will take her to the next level.

  8. Horses for courses tried every single driver and came down to tsr 2 and callalway triple diamond both miles ahead of any of the others in terms of ball speed and dispersion after hitting hundreds of balls was terrible not as bad as first gen stealth but still horrific . Went with tsr2 not quite as long as paradym but more forgiving centre strikes

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