Top golf drivers 2020 our biggest test ever, Mark Crossfield and Coach Lockey are doing a golf driver test. It is our biggest test ever to see which driver is crowd champion for golf equipment 2020. Will the best golf driver 2020 help you hit longer drives, you go and test. This video will also help you on how to pick a driver for you and give you ideas on how to pick a driver shaft too. Top golf drivers 2020 our biggest test yet, enjoy the video.

Callaway Mavrik –
Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo –
Mizuno ST200 –
Srixon Z785 –
Titleist TS2 –
Taylormade SIM –
Cobra SZ –
Ping G410 –

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  1. Great video guys, thank you!

    Here are my top 5 drivers of last 10 yrs. No particular order!

    I’m collecting each off the secondhand market thanks to SASGOLFACADEMY teaching me how!

    TaylorMade M2 (2016)
    Callaway GBB EPIC (2017)
    PING G400 MAX
    Cobra King F9 (2019)
    Titleist 917D3 (2016)

    Honorable mentions capture to date:
    3-TM SLDR 460 (2014)
    1-Honma TR20 (2020)
    1-Hogan C-S3 (2003)

    Luv to it bombs ????!!!!


  2. Mark, just wanted to say I recently found your channel and enjoy it greatly! I like your honest opinions and humor!! Can't ever go wrong with Ping! All they have been doing for decades is Golf technology and improvement. TaylorMade's price is so much higher because of the likes of Tiger, Rory and Dustin, end of story.

  3. I went to my local pro shop to get fitted for a Mizuno, and they said "We only fit irons, cause the driver doesn't sell well" – I walked out. It's so hard to get this driver. Everything else is shoved in your face. So many big box places are ramming +300 up your hosel, that you don't get to try the lesser brands. It's all a faff, and it's no wonder folk just trade on FB pages.

  4. Hi Mark your going against what you say with your action . you say swing easy like gary player but on this video your trying to knock the dimples off it. paul

  5. I am late to this party. Going to a fitting on a sim later in the week. From cobra f6+to m5 I gained nothing buutt…had a better fit shaft in the f6+. As an average 250yd driver if I can't see 265 or better after being fitted i just might go see if they still have my f6 and buy it back lol

  6. There should be a disclaimer: Does The person that makes the video or any of his businesses o subsidiaries has any contract or is going to have One in the Next six months with any club company or subsidiary analyzed ? Has he/it business any interest conflict? The declaration should be forced by laws

  7. Ha, Tec?? On course only and one winner – just replaced my XR Pro with a Speedzone on custom fit. Did the distance with forgiveness on my shaft option….

  8. I don’t know why I loved watching this entire video so much. Maybe it’s because, as an American, I give some extra credibility to something if the person has a British accent? In any event, phenomenal content. Keep it coming.

  9. One of the things I love best about Mark is he has ball speed that many of us can relate to. Not many of us hit it 300 plus in the air. Mark, you do a great job with your reviews and though you hit it further than many a 250-yard golfer can still get a great idea what they can get out of the clubs you test. Keep up the great work. You are number 1 on youtube.

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