In this video, Neil Tappin casts his eye over the best drivers of 2023. He splits his verdict up into five key areas: looks, feel, performance, value and then the all-important verdict. There are some incredible new models on the market in 2023 – this video should help you narrow down your search!

00:00 – 00:37 Intro
00:38 – 02:22 Looks
02:23 – 03:53 Feel
03:54 – 05:29 Distance & Consistency
05:30 – 07:05 Value
07:06 – 08:12 Verdict

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10 thoughts on “BEST DRIVERS 2023

  1. I really don't care about having the very newest stuff or most fashionable. I have a very nice Cleveland Launcher that I got second hand this year and was lucky that it has both a senior shaft and draw bias. I play it very well (for me as I'm truly awful) and paid £189.

  2. I know there’s no real science behind it but can anyone give suggestions as too why I can’t get height on my driver? I use 2017 M2 slightly lofted up but cannot get the ball significantly airborne. I hit about 200 carry super low flight

  3. Before watching this video Mr Tapping I wanted the Rogue driver, WHY well my way I select a club is looks . then it's playability. THEN COMES THE STING PRICE. Well I tried the drivers except PARDYM because of colour as you say in this video. Although the ping upside-down looks great and they fitted me with the correct shaft I did not think for me a senior the turbolaters look good , but I will see end of next week .

  4. I'm really confused the paradym had some of your fastest ball speeds and most carry and it also made it to your most consistent list. How is that not the one… And unfortunately I kind of want to titlelist and that also made it up there for you

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