2023 TOP 5 GOLF DRIVERS!! ( What is the best driver for mid handicaps?! )

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0:00 – 10:06 : Intro/Overview
10:07 : Simulator/Driving Range
19:43 : Data/Outro
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In this highly anticipated video, Trevor and Tayte delve into their meticulously researched and recorded assessment of the top five golf drivers of 2023! It's been a long journey leading up to this moment, and they can't wait to share their findings with you. As they sift through a plethora of club reviews, they narrow down their selection to these five exceptional drivers. Remember, personal preference plays a significant role, but rest assured, they've put the best clubs to the test and extensively reviewed them. Don't miss out on this exciting video; make sure to give it a watch! And, as always, show your support by liking, commenting, and subscribing. More incredible content is on its way!

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23 thoughts on “2023 TOP 5 GOLF DRIVERS!! ( What is the best driver for mid handicaps?! )

  1. Good video guys. Would have like to have seen the tabulated results to include distance and dispersion. Seems more attention was given to likes and looks instead of the raw data. Jmo which doesn’t amount to much since its your channel.

  2. Boys, love the vid, I would argue (subjectively) the Paradym sounds better than the TM. Also noticed ALL of your spin rates are WAY high. With your swing speeds your spin rates should be around 2500 and most of them were well over 3K, some over 4K. You are losing MANY yards in both carry and roll.

  3. Love the honesty and the person feelings mixed in. And that you guys don't have brand loyalty and give every brand a fair review. Keep up the good work gentlemen!

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