BEST DRIVERS of 2024 – Ranked!

Lets Play Thru official 2024 best driver rankings are here!

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PING 10k Max:
Taylormade Qi10:
Callaway AI Smoke:
Titleist TSR:
Mizuno ST Max:
Cleveland XL2:

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23 thoughts on “BEST DRIVERS of 2024 – Ranked!

  1. Just swapped out my Titleist TSR3 for the PXG Black Ops. Why? First, the fitting experience. I believe that there is NO difference in manufacturers. There are differences in the arrays they offer, sure. But they (almost) all offer an array of drivers that are forgiving, low spin, draw biased, etc. Your choice

    But the fitting process for the PXG was fantastic. Now, please know, I never thought I'd go with PXG. I know, especially with their irons, they have played the expensive-is-better game, even though we know (or should) that they're not really any better than anyone else. Face it, folks. they all have access to the best technology, and they all have to build within USGA limits.

    I moved from the Titleist to the PXG because I wanted to retain less spin, while getting more forgiveness. I got that. I don't hit it farther, but I hit it at my max distance more consistently.

    But the main reason I moved to PXG is because I am relatively new to my locale and didn't have a fitter like I did before. PXG filled that requirement.

    So, why not move to PXG irons? Because I play single-length irons, and the best version out there is the Wishon EQ1-NX. I've played Wishon single-length irons for 8 years. If there was a better option, I'd consider it. (Yes, I'm looking at you, Avoda.)

    Back to the PXG: Yes, I got a great fitting. Yes, I upgraded to a premium shaft, but the fitter was utterly apologetic about it and didn't pressure me at all. Yes, I have the weights where I want them, but I might purchase a weight kit and tinker a bit. And, frankly, I haven't felt this confident over a driver since….the Callaway Steelhead with the (shorter) steel shaft. Gee, I wonder why?

    Speaking of which, I've been gaming progressive versions of the TM Mini Driver for many years, including the current BRNR. (The latest version is just a cosmetic change.) I was seriously tempted to go with that as my only driver (and it's also awesome off the deck) until I put the PXG in my bag. Now, I'm getting the consistent distance (instead of just the occasional potential distance) from the PXG that makes it a distinct choice from the Mini. So, both stay.

    BTW, I'm about a 5. I don't know since I haven't carried a handicap for 20 years. (I'm far too busy for that. But I used to be a 3 with far less knowledge of the game. I'm 64 for a couple more months.) But I have similar swing characteristics as our host–101-102 driver swing speed. Yes, faster than many of you, but not blazingly so. I hope you'll take my comments in that context.

  2. Love these videos. You swing as fast as I do. Love my Tsr3 but starting to wonder about that new ping and TM. What a better way than to win????.

  3. I truly appreciate your honesty Gabe sadly like you said the technology is expensive. I would love to see you do a video on 3wood 2024 thanks for sharing great content ????

  4. I just picked up a Cobra Ltdx for $249 a month ago to go with my Cobra Ltdx 5 and 7 woods.
    Got a Taylormade Sim2 Max last year for $300, and a Srixon ZX5 at the end of summer last year for $189.
    No way would I buy a current year driver.
    Nice to see them all get tested by people like you so we have an idea which good deal we can get in a year or two.
    But think I am good on Drivers for awhile.
    That Tour Edge C524 3 wood you tested I got my eye on to get a 3 wood again maybe.
    Then I am done buying clubs, I’m done.
    I tell everybody that after not playing golf for years on a regular basis I should have never took it back up again two and a half years ago.

  5. I'm using a Cobra RadSpeed XB driver that I picked up for $200 shortly after the release of the Cobra LTDs. Unfortunately, I'm really struggling my driver swing right now, which is something that even the best driver can't fix.????

  6. I went with the Callaway A.I. Smoke Max D driver and 3 fairway wood. Great feel and sound. Was hard to pick between the 10k and this one

  7. So a future video (and where you can partner with someone) is what used, or new, but one or two model years old, give you 95+% of the latest greatest $550+ drivers and fairway woods.

  8. It's bordering on insane that we're at a point where a driver less than $500 is seen as reasonable. But hey, that's just where we are. Thank you for this comprehensive review. Great stuff!!

  9. I live the pings performance but the sounds have always been terrible. I’ll have to try out the new one. Been waiting on a new driver until I can swing them all. Still haven’t been able to find one I like better than my Rogue MaxLS. Haven’t tried the Ping or PXGs yet.

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