How Does Kevin Jones Crush At Jonesboro? // Exclusive Interview

Jonesboro brings local Arkansas crusher, Kevin Jones! I got the opportunity to interview him before a practice round and it was such a fun time to hear his thoughts and perspective. He truly gets how special disc golf is and the disc golf world is lucky to have him. Hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

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00:00 Intro
00:18 Press Conference Appearance
00:44 Grenades On The Agenda
01:07 Unique Tendencies
01:40 Arkansas-Favorite Boost
02:06 What Clicked?
02:33 Wind Conditions
03:03 Match Your Peak
03:42 Comparing Parity Now VS 2022
04:13 Thoughts On Past Year
04:53 Too Harsh On Yourself
05:51 Luke Humphries Crushing
06:06 Disc Golf Problem
06:48 Part-Time Tour
07:46 Feel With Everyone's Support
08:16 Misconception About You
09:34 Officially A Veteran?
10:51 New Playoff Rules
11:15 Last Movie You Cried At
11:33 Thanks For Watching!

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