The Best 5 Drivers for Toe Misses, according to Robot Testing

Fully Equipped's Jonathan Wall has examined all of our Robotic Insights data, and we've found the best five drivers for golfers who miss on the toe side.

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6 thoughts on “The Best 5 Drivers for Toe Misses, according to Robot Testing

  1. not including total yardage and carry information is just dumb.
    is this even a significant difference?
    we are talking about 2-3 yards loss, surely there are more important factors separating these drivers. I can imagine one of those drivers will still be a longer hitting club off the high toe even with 2-3 yards loss.

  2. You lose 3 yards of carry and gain like 30 of roll lol. A lot of pros will intentionally bias some shots towards toe to keep spin down a bit on some shots.

  3. Is this just through ball speed measurement? What about best spin retention. I think the taylormade would drop too much spin and produce the duck hook from lack of spin not ball speed loss.

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