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We recently wrapped up driver testing and we're bringing you the most in-depth, data-driven test in golf.

We brought in 35 testers, hit 14,700 shots, and spent nearly 315 hours testing the 30 newest and hottest drivers to hit the market for 2023.

We've broken it down by distance, accuracy, and overall best drivers. And let me tell you, we had some surprises this year that may turn some heads.

Also, stick around for the best driver for slice correction, forgiveness, and value. If you're in the market for a new driver, this is the only definitive guide you need!

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🚨 Best Golf Drivers 2023 Article =

0:00 Intro
1:24 Testing parameters
2:55 Top 5 Distance
5:27 Overall distance rankings
5:47 Top 5 Accuracy
8:18 Overall accuracy rankings
8:45 Best driver for forgiveness and slice correction
10:02 Top 5 Overall
11:53 Overall rankings
12:13 Other considerations
13:28 Testers' choice award
14:09 Outro

Callaway Paradym =
Callaway Paradym X =
Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond =
Cobra Aerojet =
Cobra Aerojet LS =
Cobra Aerojet Max =
Mizuno ST-X 230 =
Mizuno ST-Z 230 =
NexGen NS210 =
PING G425 Max =
PING G430 Max =
Srixon ZX5 LS MK II =
Srixon ZX5 MK II =
Srixon ZX7 MK II =
Taylormade Stealth 2 =
Taylormade Stealth 2 HD =
Taylormade Stealth 2 + =
Titleist TSR 1 =
Titleist TSR 2 =
Titleist TSR 3 =
Titleist TSR 4 =
Wilson Dynapower Carbon =
Wilson Dynapower TI =


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mygolfspy says:


Rick Dangerous says:

any driver test that does NOT use a machine for consistency of testing… is fundamentally flawed and should not be trusted. The fact that at 3:22 that the number 4 longest driver was claimed to have some of the highest ball speeds means that distance was likely compromised by some other factor in the swing that could not be accounted for. Again… to measure a driver that ball must be hit the same every time for all 35,000 shots. Only a machine can do this. Otherwise… this test is useless. In addition… measuring accuracy??? How… Unless you can hit each driver with the same swing speed, launch angle etc etc AND hit the ball EACH TIME with EACH DRIVER on say… the EXACT SAME spot on the toe or heal… then… again… not interested in your test results.

Mark Makes says:

Reading off a prompt? @9:40

Mario Malin says:

A guy I played with was demoing the TSR3, I play a TSi3. I hit a really good drive with a total distance of 275 yds and then I asked to hit the demo TSR3. I blew it past my first one by 25 yds, same swing, contact, and ball flight. I was shocked how much farther it went, now left trying to justify spending the money to replace my driver that is less than 2 years old 🤣🤣

My OpenMind says:

Interesting, I use a Mizuno 230z. In my hands it’s the longest and most accurate driver that I have ever used. It’s funny how statistics works. I must be quite an outlier.

Sean Kemp says:

The Ping g430 SFT came in 10th and 30th in the driver distances?!

Nathan Duran says:

Thanks for all the info!

Barry Jones says:

How did the Ping G430 SFT get into 10th and 30th place for distance??

B Law95 says:

As a slicer the ping g430 SFT has helped fix my slice big time

Mix Better Now says:

“Best Club” videos do more harm than good. Here’s why:👇🏼
1) Trackman Data is irrelevant.
2) Joe Blow’s “BEST DRIVER OF 2023” pick is irrelevant.
3) EVERY GOLFER is so individually unique that I think of them like fingerprints: —> Body size/dimensions, swing, biomechanics, natural ability, present skill level, Club head speeds, athleticism, strength, flexibility, endurance levels, & dozens of other attributes all blend to form YOUR individually unique swing (from wedges to irons to woods etc).
4) Because we’re all such extremely different, unique, individual golfers, NOBODY can produce objective DATA corresponding to how YOU swing & hit A/B/C/D driver. It’s impossible. The variables are endless. And so….
5) The only person and/or data set that can objectively discern what “THE BEST DRIVER of 2023” is, IS YOU!!!!

Mix Better Now says:

3 words —> CALLAWAY. CERTIFIED. PREOWNED. You’re welcome. (But your wife might hate me 😬😬😂).

Michael Sharkey says:

Is the TSR3 for low handicap players? If the TSR2 is in the same family why did it score lower? I believe that model is targeted for high handicap players.

brian Lawrence says:

Which 2023 drivers has a offset

Angel Matos says:

It seems the #1 driver is the one that needed the most help in sales. Hmmmm 😂

imCurveee says:

Been a huge fan of my Stealth2 plus so far this year. Love the adjustability and it feels and sounds great.

George Sealy says:

I was thinking just the other day I needed to spend $600 on something.

Chris Nash says:

Where was the Ping LST models?

Blake barone says:

It seems impossible the 430sft is both 10th and 30th in distance.

gordon berry says:

The Paradym driver was the best option for me the club is awesome !!

gordon berry says:

Low spin drivers usually are for low handicap golfers. That applies to about 15% of the clients

Benjamin Burch says:

Wish you'd have included the PXG Gen6. Early testing numbers I've seen on it look very promising

EdgeWizz says:

It's all about color for me lol and since red is my favorite color I know which one I'm getting haha.

KC_was Here says:

Surprised at the low overall score on the Paradym. Just about every other review I've seen gave it a great overall score, minus the price. Wonder if price affected reviewers bias.

Bill Yun Air says:

Im buying a new TM M2 (used). New to me. $70. What a deal. Yes I'd rather spend $500 plus on a new boom stick but my wallet is NOT on fleek as the basketball americans say.

Vince Karumba says:

Awesome Review … Detailed and Precise to guide on the Driver one is looking for!!!

Sterling Rice says:

Why were the Cleveland drivers not included? Lack of adjustability?

daniel passmore says:

why didnt you test the pxg?

Raymond Lim says:

Hi, I think there is a typo for Distance ranking. Rank no.10 should be Ping G430 LST, instead of G430 SFT.

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