Top 5 Forgiving Drivers For Mid to High Handicaps of 2022!

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Top 5 Forgiving Drivers For Mid to High Handicaps of 2022?! 2022 has been a huge year for new driver releases, but which are the most forgiving drivers for mid to high handicap golfers? What are the top 5 forgiving drivers? The Titleist TSR2? Titleist TSR1? Mizuno ST200? Callaway Rogue ST Max? Ping G425? Ping G430? Cobra LTDX? Taylormade Stealth? Wilson Launchpad 3? Srixon Driver? PXG 0211 driver? in this video I talk you through my top 5 forgiving drivers of 2022 and in my opinion which would be best for mid/high handicap golfers in 2022. which driver should you play? which driver should you buy? let's find out… and let's do not now!


ATF intheHouse says:

How is the Cobra Air?

suzanne taylor says:

So I have owned a PXG 0211 and a 4th gen 0311. And although I liked them both I Wouldnt characterize either as forgiving( I am a big PXG fan still hit their 3rd gen irons, I love them). My son and I both traded these drivers in for Callaway Epic Ls drivers at a fitting in MB. ( didnt get along with the cobra drivers at all) These drivers were longer and more forgiving for my son and myself. They were highly adjustable. We just traded those 2 drivers in on 2 Rogue Max LS drivers. These drivers are lighter and more forgiving than their predecessor. And so far they seem to be longer.
Personally the only thing I have found as forgiving is the 425 Max and the Titleist TSI1. Of course everyone has their own opinions.

Mark Newmand says:

It's all in the swing boys and girls, if you have a crap golf swing, you will hit a crap shot, end of, if you have a good solid golf swing, you will hit a good shot, irrelevant of the club, I mean is praising a club saying it has amazing technology and all you need, but doesn't like the sound… Who gives a fuck as long as it hits the fairway, total bollocks 😱😱😱😱

Mark Newmand says:

Is it just me or is it all these golfers testing clubs for high handicappers, are low handicappers, meaning they could probably walk in to argos, buy the crappiest driver in there, and still hit a good shot, me being a 20 handicapper could probably hit a crap shot with the most forgiving driver on planet earth, they tell us all this bollocks because it makes them money, and they get free gear, get a 25 handicapper on to test these clubs, then I may pay attention, 🤔🤔🤔

R1 says:

The Intel MOS driver looks good but why are all of these corporations Masonic? That really kills it for me, Pin G, the Callaway logo, the PXG Egyptian eagle and so on and so on! Ugh.

Srixon, Cleveland, and Wilson for me.

Cody Cook says:

They are all pretty forgiving and fast now so it really comes down to look and feel. It really comes down to 3 choices.
1. Titleist tsr3/2
2. Callaway rogue st max ls/max
3. Taylormade Stealth/Stealth Plus
The cobra's ltdx range is much better than the radspeed but I still didnt get on with them. I dont have an opinion on the pxg because there is no pxg fitting centers anywhere close to me and I would never buy a driver without hitting it first, even if it cost 50 dollars brand new. It looks ok. Ping is the worst sounding drivers on the market by far and their turbulaters are hideous!

Bruno Cote says:

I love my arrow maker Radspeed driver, don't know for LTD x but Cobra…. YES

Al says:

With all due respect you are not a mid to high handicap golfer. They are the people who should be on your video.

Ed Robinson says:

You guys and your sound get over it

Brian Barriger says:

Give the Ping G430 Max and LST a ride, James!!!! Hearing great things. Also hearing great things about the Titleist TR2's and Tour Edge E Series Drivers

B4rchetta says:

Tour Edge Exotics C721 👍

matt mershon says:

Started the year with the TM Stealth. Traded it in for the Rogue ST Max. Didn’t love it. Traded it in for a Cleveland Launcher XL. Best of the bunch!

Going Fore Birdie says:

I called the #1 before I started the video. I went and hit all these clubs and my favorite was the LTDx. I currently have the Sim2 and I get 20 yards more and nice draw from the LTDx. My sim I get a little bit of everything.

Mishell gagnon says:

Great choice and excellent feedback!


Maxim Smith says:

Really like my F9 driver but love the F9 3 wood even more! I would change it for anything while I would fancy try a new driver

Chai Jones says:

More content on the most forgiving fairway woods might be good James..

Bruce Prochnavy says:

HELP PLEASE — I'm a double par golfer. Par 4 I get a 8 ect. I'm good with my wedges and high irons. BUT every shot off the tee with driver is pretty much a LOST ball as I super slice. For someone that's sucks at golf what would you recommend out of the 5 for the most forgiving driver!!

M G says:

Idk if it's my phone or not but please get a better mic😒

Craig W says:

I can’t break 90 but hit that Ping G425 long and straight

Ropu says:

Never purchasing any product that puts money in the pocket of the biggest meathead the sport has ever seen.. cobra and puma 🤮

Pete Major says:

Mizuno ST-Z 220 is up there.
Picked one up for £200 hardly used.😎

Thomas Godfrey says:

No way the Mizuno STZ or STX 220 aren’t in the top 5

Steve T says:

Just pulled the trigger on the Cobra LTD X Max driver and 5 wood. Tried most stuff out during the fitting, but this pairing was by far and away the most consistent for me. Never had a driver that I could really get on with, so this was a big surprise. As James said, super forgiving and the sound is fantastic.

The Butcher says:

I bought the ltdx this year and absolutely love. I played my best golf this year largely in part to the fact I hit way more fairways. When I centre strike it I can hit 300+ easily

Jonathan Nance says:

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