BEST GOLF LESSON | Fix Every Flaw w/ 1 Key (Slice, Hook, Chunk, & More)

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Are you struggling hitting shots heavy, thin, right, left and just about any other miss you can have.

I've been there, too, and it's no fun.

But there's a solution to all of these problems. Once I found out how momentum affects the entire swing, I was able to fix any issue I found in my swing.

In this video you'll discover how to master this key to the swing also.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf!


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27 thoughts on “BEST GOLF LESSON | Fix Every Flaw w/ 1 Key (Slice, Hook, Chunk, & More)

  1. Clay after many years of playing golf has a single-digit handicapper I can hardly par a hole anymore. My old driver swing took a crap load of strength and athleticism and produced 300+ drives.
    At address the toe of my driver was 3 inches from the ball. You can take it from that description what moves it took for me to get to the ball and hit a consistent high slight draw.

    I have been trying a textbook address, grip and swing and now I can barely stop topping the ball off the tee. I play in a group of about 20 guys and they all want to give me tips now! It's so bad I hardly even want to play golf anymore. Any suggestions other than selling 1,000's of dollars of equipment for next to nothing on eBay? I have tried slowing down but just spray the ball everywhere.

  2. hey clay great as usual …just got fitted for new irons …first time ever in 20yrs. of playing …always thought I was just standard length and lie …but was not …needed a flatter lie angle …my last set was a degree upright where I bought them used …always have hit a fade …but now with the new set I hit a draw …very pretty not a pull hook but a baby draw (10 to 15 yards tops) but like I said I have always hit and played a straight to fading shot ….so my question for you is …how or what can I do to practice lining up for the draw I now am getting …I know might sound like a little silly of a question but 20 years of hitting a fade …well lets just say I am fighting with alignment where I have always seen the shot drift right …but I am very pleased with my new irons and not upset about the draw I now produce …just hard get lined up ….any thougts

  3. Gotta say this was simple yet informative and one of the best advice I've listen to so far!!! But I did practice with these thoughts in mind and it worked great in getting great it's off the ball but I was wondering how fast or slow should I go with my hips

  4. Really disappointed that your video talked about the club being to vertical and dropping under that you did not continue to talk about how to fix this problem. You said what the cause was, but not the fiX!

  5. There is a lot of discussion with no demonstration or drills. Demonstrating coupled with drills to accomplish the goals would be very helpful.

  6. I have looked at a lot of videos on the golf swing but none have been as understandable and thus reproducible as this one by Clay Ballard.

  7. This is one heck of a video. I have suffered from getting my swing coming over the top for a long time and not been able to figure out why. in an effort to fix it… my takeaway had gotten shallower and shallower which seems to only make this worse. looking forward to trying this out on the range. Thanks a bunch for the common sense video.

  8. What's up Clay. I've seen your videos from time to time over the years and I've watched a couple but never really took what you said to the range. I quit about a year ago at a 10 HC because I felt like I hit a wall with inconsistent ball striking and ball flight. I'm just getting back into the game and after watching about 10 of your videos today I've decided to commit to your theory of the swing and see where it gets me. I'll update you in about a month man. I hope all is well and look forward to hopefully playing good golf again. We will see!

  9. Man, just want to say that I watched this yesterday then went out and hit some balls better than I ever have. I'd always been told to "Let your hands drop at the top" and other such BS that never really helped. This, on the other hand, fixed my OTT issue almost immediately. Thanks!

  10. Watched over a 100 golf videos over the winter and when I'm not slicing the shit out of my drive, I'm hooking the fuck out of it. Requires too much perfection. Golf is just a dumb waste of time activity.

  11. I have had a slight fade with my driver, about 20-25 yards off target, for the last 2 years. My carry distance averages about 260 yards. Roll out about 280. I have always aimed left because when I have tried to correct my fade, (I always felt I had an over the top swing), my shot has gone further right into the slice territory.
    I have tried your method, and now I have a 5 yard off target draw. My carry distance has increased to an average of 270 yards. But the roll out has been phenomenal. At least 15-20 yards further than before. Thank you Clay Ballard.

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