2014 U.S. Disc Golf Championship: Round 1 (Johansen, Lizotte, Doss, Wiggins)

The 16th USDGC opened Wednesday with the open flight division taking center stage on the Winthrop Gold course. Michael Johansen, Simon Lizotte, Nate Doss and David Wiggins comprised the 10:20am card.

Music: “Effects of Elevation (Sevenles” by Revolution Void (http://www.revolutionvoid.com)

Tournament results: http://www.pdga.com/tour/event/16392

Disc Golf Center: http://www.discgolfcenter.com
Innova Disc Golf: http://www.innovadiscs.com
Prodigy Disc: http://www.prodigydisc.com
Towch: http://towelpouch.com
Vibram Disc Golf: http://www.vibramdiscgolf.com
Bearded Brothers: http://www.beardedbros.com

26 thoughts on “2014 U.S. Disc Golf Championship: Round 1 (Johansen, Lizotte, Doss, Wiggins)

  1. Thank you for getting this up so fast and great coverage as usual. Great to
    see all the kids in the gallery, hopefully they will be the future of the
    sport! This course plays tough with all the OB and it really shows who not
    only has a big arm, but has control as well. Simon has tons of talent and a
    huge arm, but on this course that gets you in trouble. Hope to see him

  2. Wiggins has the ability to do crazy shit no one else can , if he tightend
    up a few parts of his game dude would be unreal, fun to watch. I agree
    great card. Nice course control doss ,just put them putts down

  3. Thanks for the fast vid post, am I the only one caught up in this suspense.
    Mcbeth killed it yesterday but I’m still going for wysocki. Come on

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