Best Hybrid 2019

After testing 22 models, TG Test Pro Neil Wain and Equipment Editor Simon Daddow decide on the best hybrids of 2019.

See what we thought of the hybrids that didn't get an Editors Choice Award here

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21 thoughts on “Best Hybrid 2019

  1. I finally pulled the trigger and bought the Apex 3-4 hybrids. I was sure that keeping a 4 iron in the bag was fine, now that I finally used a trackman it turns out I don't have enough swing speed to hit my 4 iron any further than my 5 iron. Time to accept reality.

  2. Hi, I use 3, 4 & 5 hybrids with a slow swing speed and always use the 5 out of the rough. What is the best hybrid for shots out of the rough please?

  3. I ended up doing a complete reverse here. I tried the Ping G 410's. They were okay but at times I found them a bit difficult to hit especially the # 3 and # 4. I had read and heard a lot about how the Taylormade M 6's were one of the easiest to hit with. I demoed a complete set of them and couldn't believe how much better I hit with them. My accuracy is extremely good with them. I got them with the A flex which works very well for me. I have to be honest with myself and others about this as I have used plenty of hybrids but these Taylormade M 6's are by far the best hybrid I have ever hit with. The place that I got my Ping G 410's was very good to me and did an even exchange for the M 6's. I now own a complete set of Taylormade M 6's and love them.

  4. Maybe mention in begin video which wedges you tested ? Given the popularity of Cobra with their F9 range (even more outside UK), how did the Cobra F9 Speedback hybrids perform ?

  5. Interesting video. I will admit I do not like the look of the Apex hybrid, it is a bit too squared off at the toe for me. I really like my Cobra F8 hybrid but that M6 is seriously good looking and the performance is spot on as well

  6. Love your thoughtful reviews. Could you touch on which of the 5 are adjustable in terms of loft and lie angle? The point you made at the end about finding where the hybrid fits in the bag in terms of distance gapping was so important. It seems that an adjustable option that could be modified to find that gap as a person's swing changes over time would be a big benefit.

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