The Best Hybrid Of 2019 For Mid-Handicapper Golfers

The Best Hybrid Of 2019 For Mid-Handicapper Golfers – Nothing says Mid Handicap golf like a hybrid long iron replacement. 2019 has seen a great offering from some of the major brands including Taylormade M6, Callaway Apex Hybrid, PING G410, Titleist 919 H1, Taylormade GAPR amongst many others. In this video my mid handicap tester Mark reviews three of the best Hybrids of 2019, puts them through their paces and judges them to see which one he would have in his bag. which hybrid should you buy in 2019? what is the best hybrid of 2019? what's the best hybrid for mid handicap golfers? lets find out, and lets do it now!

17 thoughts on “The Best Hybrid Of 2019 For Mid-Handicapper Golfers

  1. Way too much hitting the ball which does nothing for one interested in how it performs. Seeing someone hit the ball is meaningless. Let me know why it does what it does. Your opinion about coloring is also meaningless.

  2. I hit 6 different hybrids including all of the ones you tested. I bought Cleveland Launcher Halo hybrids. The Clevelands were easier to hit and longer than any of the others I tried. Also the straighter with less dispersion.

  3. If control and tight groupings are your goal then spin wise if you consider it your friend to help control instead of low spin for distance Ping wins it

  4. I play the Mizuno CLK 3/19 degrees hybrid and I love it! It is very hard to misshit it, just superb, super easy to hit, good sound, good feel, and straight as hell! Mizuno did a great job setting it up, it ist just impossible to hit a hook! super straight every time!

  5. You’re such a Ping Hater. I crush mine. It’s consistent, long and so easy to hit. Sound is a none issue. Tried Taylormade M6. Not nearly as consistent. Did not try Apex, though I’m such it’s a great hybrid.

  6. I typically love these mid-handicap reviews, but I found that this was one where James might have inserted his opinion a little bit too much and it may have influenced the decision. As a mid-handicap golfer I'd have to agree with a number of other people on here that I would take the dispersion from the G410 all day over the extra couple of yards from the Callaway or Taylormade.

  7. Think I’d rather the ping spin. Callaway was a no on his spin. Tm was good but spin on ping might protect left to right it wernt over height and he duffed a few that lowered his average. I don’t own a ping but if I were him I’d retry ping again big time looked like the club for him.

  8. Ping all day more consistent for a 5yd shortage on 200yd I’d take the dispersion every day of the week. I tested these and the Cleveland and tbh the Cleveland launcher are very good. Still went for the ping as it went exactly where I wanted it. Also did the same in driver the series

  9. It felt a little like the fitter was selling his favorite club the whole video. Didn't listen to the things that the golfer was saying and was asking more about "external" factors like feel, sound, and looks (headcover? lol). While these are important to make a golfer feel comfortable, it didn't seem like this video was very objective.

    Is anyone surprised that the "winner" was the club that the fitter has in his bag?

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