The Best golf drivers of 2023: my BIGGEST test ever

Mark Crossfield tests the best drivers of 2023. His biggest-ever test reveals some amazing results.

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25 thoughts on “The Best golf drivers of 2023: my BIGGEST test ever

  1. In Canada the Cobra LS $699.99 Ping LST $849.99. The Ping was 8 yards shorter on carry and not all that forgiving. I bought the Cobra and love it. The Callaway Paradym TD was close to the Cobra performance with great dispersion,but that was with a $400. Ventus Blue Velecore shaft.$1200. total. LOL I bought the Cobra with stock Hazrdus Smoke RDX Blue 6.0 .

  2. love how people slam on Wilson simply due to the brand name rather than recognizing the performance and quality of the clubs. all i heard was "the wilson, being the cheapest of the bunch, performed equally well to the other options at $150 less, but its still $100 too expensive, because the name is Wilson, and therefore trash, regardless of performing as well as the big names"

  3. For me, as a slow swing speed player, the golf shaft trumps the golf head. It would be very interesting to see a test of the same club head with different golf shafts for different swing speeds. Senior women are twenty miles per hour slower than senior men on average. PS My current favorite driver is a 44" Cobra F-Max Superlite with their Superlite 40 women's flex shaft. 🙂

  4. The value holding proposition seems like a Rolex conversation. When I’m ready to purchase a new drive, then that’s what I’ll do. What I can sell the old one for doesn’t matter, after I’ve whacked the crap out of it.

  5. The Wilson will be worth a fraction of the new price and the other brands will be worth slightly more. $600 for a driver that will be worth $200 after the first round? No thanks.

  6. The best golf driver is the cheapest of course. Drivers are getting pathetic, each and every year they just use CAD software to add an extra new weighted slider or two. Drivers haven't changed for years the best drivers are in fact the gizmo-less ones without silly new shapes and weighted sliders for fake draws and fades. The cost of new drivers are crazy prices. I have never paid more than £200 for a new driver. The main aspect is the shaft stiffness what suits your own personal swing speed. The less marketing gizmos and shapes the better.

  7. great video . I have hit the Titleist and Callaway and Srixon and Mizuno and TM. The ones I liked the best were the Titleist and Callaway. I just have to decide now. They are so similar but I love love the titleist looks, so old school and beautiful.

  8. Ping G430 max is the most stable and straightest driver ever. Who cares about that tiny extra ball speed and distance if you’re off in the trees

  9. It’s nice to hear somebody speak about some of of the brands selling clubs off marketing. The performance really only jumps every 4-5 years imo. The year to year marketing from TaylorMade drives me nuts, but I’ve see a bunch of stealth 2.0’s in bags so far haha.

  10. I think sound is irrelevant, but clubs now days are painfully expensive so be sure to get what suits you the best. I like Taylor made carbon fiber woods, Cleveland wedges but I like Titleist irons & putters.

  11. I notice at address on the close ups of you hitting the Driver that the leading edge / face is almost angling into the ground with the back of the the club slightly raised off the floor at address. Is that on purpose or is an optical illusion from the camera angle.?

  12. Great video Mark well presented and I think that you made a very valid point on trade in price and purchase price. Wilson make great clubs and offer superb value and compete with the big brands. To be fair Cleveland and Cobra also offer great value. So on price a bag of clubs only Wilson and Cleveland come in for around £1700-£1800. ( Callaway X series £1100) But and here’s the but yes they will drop in price but you have saved a fortune when purchasing . My Titleist T300 irons and TSI woods are worth £900 on trade in but cost £2700 twelve months ago so premium clubs still cost you. The big brands now come out at £2200-£2800 for a full bag minus putter!
    I change every couple years only because like cars the longer you keep them the more you lose. Now I’m retired I spend my money on my hobby golf. Not for everybody I know. I’ve always loved Wilson good products at sensible prices and slightly left field it’s great to out perform your mates and you say Wilson, seriously yes seriously!

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