Best Irons of 2019 | Players Cavity Back

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Angelo Unelli says:

I know you did this some time ago. Do you expect to get the zx7/5 soon to review?

Charlie Odom says:

Looks like I'll be ditching Taylormade for my next set of Irons!

mikenortheyes says:

You guys misses the boat. The I210 is every bit as good .

Deanna McAndrew says:

Hi Ian – you guys are great. Currently play the 716 AP2 but thinking about moving to the 919 Tours. At the range, couldn't tell much of a difference. Any opinion on forgiveness (and if it really even matters)? Thank you!

Mike Camire says:

Interesting results, definitely makes me want to check out the Srixon as I hit the ball a bit too high and have a bit too much spin in my opinion.

Marc McDonald says:

I'm an 18 handicap and was fit into the Mizuno 919 Forged's with PX 6.5 shafts, I fit what Matt accurately described as a good ball striker but rubbish with the putter, really need to work on that……..

David Y. Choi says:

Miura not included? Fail.

sabr686 says:

Not a huge PING iron fan, but it would have been interesting to see how their offering in this class would have faired.

Rob P. says:

PING I210? I get the sense it rarely wins out in fittings because it's higher spin, not particularly aimed at distance, and certainly a larger profile than something like the T100. But for consistency/distance control in relation to forgiveness, I think you'd be hard pressed to find anything else on the list that can beat it. Not flashy but they get the job done.

Tim Williams says:

If these clubs are promoting forgiveness whey do you say they are for better players?

Mike Rausch says:

How on earth are you only getting 1 yard of roll out displayed with 5200 at 15 launch on foresight? Landing angles looked around 48/49?

J T says:

Why is Matt the machine not on some tour? Seriously though. I desperately want that short powerful swing.

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