Fore Play Gets Fitted At The Kingdom At TaylorMade

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We went and got fitted for our new 2021 TaylorMade clubs at heaven on earth, The Kingdom at TaylorMade.

If you need to get your clubs fitted look no further than sunny Carlsbad, CA. We didn't know adults could have as much fun as we had during our full Kingdom experience.

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Matthew Allum says:

Shouldn't have worn Masks. You are only making it worse. It's a hoax

Q says:

If these guys gets a taylormade full gear sponsorship then idk what am i doing with my life.
So lucky.

A B says:

I love how you guys are randomly wearing the masks. We all know its bullshit by now.

Julian Melucci says:

5:20 “have you broken 100 yet?”
“ no “
“really” ??

Nicholas Schroeder says:

11:32 Trent absolutely tops it

Jason Dutcher says:

Man that would be a absolute dream to be able to go to The Kingdom and have that experience… Wow Congrats guy's.. Trottie had you dialed Riggs

Mike Richard says:

3000$ set of clubs x 4………..5 cent worth of game

Jibboh365 says:

Trent is a fuckin beauty…. real glue guy. Love seeing him get better and better with each video! Go Foreplay!

Shawn Lewington says:

All of you now Need to do a what’s in the bag now

Michaelsully13 says:

can we get a What's in the bag for each after the fitting.

Tim says:

The mask shit is so comical

Chris F says:

It was rude to put poor Trent on the far right side of the range lol

mora peeps says:

The distinct copper univariately radiate because chimpanzee really suppose barring a whole vermicelli. typical, clumsy van

Craig Edga4r says:

So jealous – only once in a lifetime as joe public, at cost!!!!???????????

Brian Ward says:

No offense guys but do you really think people want to see you guys get fitted for clubs? The matches are great-this is not great. Or watchable.

EX DEE says:

riggs hits his 4 iron 170? LMAO cmon man give up the ego already

Golf Khakis says:

Jeeeezus TM guy.. just say higher handicap players like Trent. With years of doing this, how do you lack an ounce of charm haha. Straight up “players who are LESS SKILLED” ??.

kieran himself says:

Riggs your shafts arent too stiff. Your swing speed is too slow

Scott Crocker says:

Riggs hitting a 4 iron 171 and being told to get out the X stiff while claiming a 5 handicap is gold

Greg says:

Frankie has a sneaky pure swing.

Jack Batchelder says:

Lurch has girly calves

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