Better Hip Turn Through Golf Impact

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Hip Turn Through Golf Impact
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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre helps you turn your hips better through impact with this very simple yet effective drill. Creating better hip turn will make you create more power and also help you not come over the top and slice the golf ball. This drill will improve your golf game and make you much better.


Jeff S says:

Great video Rick. Got a question about posting on a straight left leg at
impact: how important is that? It feels a bit uncomfortable, and I was
wondering if I will limit my power if my left leg remains slightly bent at
impact, assuming I clear the hips correctly?

MPowerPhysTherapy says:

Awesome video, very informative! Thanks for sharing. I just posted a few
exercise videos for improving hip range of motion and flexibility that go
perfectly with this video! 

CoreAthletics says:

Yeah, Like it!

johnr1952 says:

Good video, but I would add that the hip rotation actually starts from a
good balanced foundation and flows from the ground up with the back instep
pushing through the leg, knee then back hip to the front side. Getting into
correct position on the back side and pushing from the ground up makes a
good hip turn nearly automatic.

pongsakorn phoncharatkun says:
Jeff M says:

Ben Hogan played his whole career like that…I heard he was pretty good;)
I enjoy the videos!!

Chokchai Moosiri says:

Thank you for your advice.

SJ Vegh says:

Nice video as always. However, why would you have to work towards weaning
off the drill? Why is playing golf with the left foot pointed out a little
a bad thing if it helps one to clear their hips more easily? Thanks.

Martin Moore says:

Hi rick still loving the videos and course vlogs great. Thanks. Re this
drill where you turn the left foot out. Some people will include that as
standard set up. Why do you think it is better not to ween yourself off
that and turn the foot back in? What are the pluses and minuses of both
foot positions? Thanks Martin 

Rick Shiels PGA says:

Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre helps you turn
your hips better through impact with this very simple yet effective drill

metamurph says:

Internal hip rotation, part of the difference in general with tour pros and
us hacks – good TPI screen and
if you don’t have the internal rotation the lead foot out like you show can
be a great aid

Dave Bayard says:

SJ – Rick has not answered so I thought I’d give it a shot. Having the left
foot square at impact creates a greater snap of the clubhead through the
ball. This happens because, with the left foot square, the left leg will
straighten and stiffen through impact. (This is also why it’s harder rotate
the hips in that position if you lack flexibility and core strength. ) As
the left leg straightens, it becomes the pivot point for tremendous forces
being generated in the downswing. That pivot point is in turn responsible
for the speed at the forearms rotate and wrists release through impact. 

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