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This is revolutionary I think.
Try it out
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Christopher MacVane says:

This guy must be a lawyer. Dont stick a buttplug on your clubs, just go play.

Anthony Lynam says:

How come you didn't discuss the use of mid-length bar and the short bar of THE GEM? You can hit balls with the short length bar as that's what it's designed for but you never mentioned it nor the fact that the midbar is to use after use of the longer bar.

Sgt. Pepper says:

Watch “Dude in the Basement”

jim lock says:

Rather than taking it off use two clubs and change over.. I’ve had mine over a year and couldn’t get away with it 👍

Craig Ramirez says:

You know you’ve gone full golf addict when your swing feel is trying to hit yourself in the nuts with a metal bar attached to a club…and yet I’m intrigued.

D Samps says:

The feeling you are talking about at the 7:05 mark may be called "side bend"

Louis Viola says:

Your club face is closed upon your take away

Brian Davidson says:

Ordered mine today.

Nelson Aponte Jr. says:

What are the lengths of the rod?

Brian C says:

You’re undoing all the good Mr Malaska did my friend

Chris Rajek says:

🤔just had a thought there why don't they produce golf clubs with this weight inside the shaft ,then it's self swinging golf clubs

Denis Prieur says:

The way you are swinging now, we can clearly that you are over the top!

Rich says:

Golf. The only sport that doesn't want you to get better through technology…counter weight clubs, flat sided iron grips, anchored putter, chippers..etc. Good way to kill a sport USGA!

steve perry says:

brendon, i just got my gem yesterday and upon first using it i thought like you that it teaches a roll type release kinda like what tom watson teaches where the hands and forarms roll open and closed. i've been working on a pivot driven swing with a bit of a closed clubface like you showed for a while now and i have to use the gem to practice that. i'll report back after spending some time with it. i have also revisited recently the book by ted williams "the science of hitting" that i had in my collection and he talks a lot about the similarities of the golf and baseball swing and using the body to swing with, some good insight.

Bernard Samson says:

I wonder if the GEM guides you to the correct plane in the same way that the old Momentus club did and does: the weighted shaft makes it uncomfortable to swing the club in anything but the proper plane.

Bernard Samson says:

Brendon, your move to make you feel like you’re going to hit yourself with the bar between the legs looks to me as the very same move Malaska does when he demonstrates “handle in, club head out,” i.e., the Malaska move. You might check with him on that.

d1mcmahon says:

Hi Brendan first thanks for promoting this trainer. To me the main advantage that I get from it is I now am totally in Balance throughout the swing and as a result I can increase my swing speed and still maintain my balance.
Also it helped me with my grip. As it was necessary to modify it slightly for a proper swing.
It also helped with tempo. I think this is linked with balance, although I wouldn't have thought that would be the case.
In short, everything I do a session with the GEM I feel like I'm getting a lesson from a great pro.

Jim Fairchild says:

Hey Brendon, i just got the Gem in the mail and made a few swings with it in the garage on the way through i really feel a wobble. can you touch on what would cause the wobble. i'm sure the goal is to swing without feeling the wobble. i will continue to work with it. great video though thanks as always.

Jackybug says:

Brendon, To me it looks like your swing is a bit over the top from the inside after practicing with the GEM. That’s a move that many pros use. I would like to see you hook up with Christo Garcia in Pasadena who teaches that swing.

Denis Prieur says:

you really are swinging over the top, but still inside the swing path!

kathleen smith says:

It is exactly what Mike Malaska has been saying for years. His hands don't do anything — once you tip the club (the club goes out) your swing is over – you are just turning. It feels like nothing when you do it right and people are like — that can't be right. But it is.

Khoa Pham says:

Does the GEM works mainly for people with neutral grip?

Carpe Diem says:

Great video. Very well explained. I actually made one of these with a grounding clamp, a piece of threaded rod and a few washers screwed onto the end as the counterweight. Exact same effect. I think it cost me 6 or 7 bucks at Home Depot.

Tveitify says:

Something I can’t get my head around… what is your swing speed here when you hit an 8 iron 180+ yards..?!

Duke Jet says:

6:00– "squaring the face with your body" Bingo!… it's called "TIMING"…. Throwing that square face out to the target with your hips.

Douglas Olsson says:

I must be using wrong. I will a big wobble when I do the exercise. Feels like I"m fighting the club. Tips?

Robert Hardind says:

I bought one tried it for a few day let my single figure m8 try it then sent it back in my opinion waste of time.

Anthony Etchells says:

I've bought this purely from seeing the how well you were swinging it with irons and especially driver. First range session since doing air swings at home for 2 days, (5 mins at a time)it's best I've hit driver in years, much longer and tighter dispersion.

Eric Foster says:

Wow, I feel like the kid who doesn't see any clothes on the emperor. I've had it for only 4 or 5 days now but I'm not getting anything earthshattering at all from GEM. I fight a steep pattern and flippy release, my miss is left, either pull and draw or over draw. I am working on hip depth, mainly maintaining it in the downswing. I feel the face opening with GEM on the backswing more than I would ever want (like Brendon, I'm not trying for the old school toe up) and I feel a little wobble around impact then toe up on the follow through. No "a ha" moments here. This one escapes me, glad it's working for so many others. Let me know if you want a lightly used GEM shipped from NH…

Bernd Dreilich says:

So I got the GEM delivered and worked with it on the range like 2 times. I can’t see no long time effects right now. But it seems to work. It gives me a good feel with the counter balance weight in back and downswing how to deliver the club on the right way into the Ball. Then it feels very light and the club and weight seems to be delivered in the right way. The awkward feel is right at impact with it when hands and club with the extra weight gets closed or flipped over at impact. This ghost like feel and motion at impact seems to get transferred into the swing and sticks for a while. Afterwards especially when I recently lost my feel for contact and lowpoint after the ball it seems to help to get a crisper contact through ball and then turf. Pretty awesome compressed iron shots like the should be. Okay. The thing is that it sticks and there are long term effects.

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