How to Hinge Your Wrists in Golf #shorts

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Proper wrist hinge in golf

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Billy Bondaruk says:

Ya keep getting those hands way inside behind your head… then your students can Find me and I’ll fix them. I’m so grateful for guys like you. Thank you I’ll always have work

JD says:

HOW STUPID , you should stick the short game if that is your specialty!!

XxThaFreaKxX says:

You cant swing better than a pro.

Carlos Hernandez says:


Alexandre Turcotte says:

Is wrist hinge good ?

Kaveman _ says:

We’re about to wring into discovering ancient aliens with this music.

Kings Mind says:

So sick of these idiot “internet golf pros”

James Edwards says:

Um, my body doesn't turn like that anymore but thanks anyway 😂😂👴👍🏻🏌🏾‍♂️⛳🇺🇸🦅

Eric Gosling says:

Good tip.. Thx,

yungsausage says:

Love the song.


This move is what is helping me most. 10 yds longer. No more fat shots. Although w me it’s not automatic. I have to consciously move my wrists at the very top. It pushes me slightly forward and begins my downswing and it’s a perfect fix for me.

Steven Klinkhamer says:

Looks good. Sounds like very good advice as well.

Derek Gzaskow says:

The golf illusion

touristguy87 says:

Hey Mr. Bogus, you're still fleecing rookies on YT hub. What happened, the club pro job fell through?

Matty Ice Productions says:

No no ! stop teaching outside path. That looked like the typical all arms slice on every range in America !!!

Dieuwe Elferink says:

Please don't try to imitate this, it will hurt your game. It will promote collapsed cupped left wrists, you will hit it steep spinny slices..

Ted Stefaniw says:

You say all your doing is this but you didn’t do that when you made your swing… not even closely related!

Julian Sidon says:

This is terrible advice

funkster007 says:

I hinge right at address. Mr. Short game would cringe at me. Until he saw my straight and marvelous ball flight. Swing your own swing baby!!

CREAM Abdul-Jabbar says:

Crazy how it goes sometimes. 5.3 handicap. But 2nd and 8th hole always get me just say 400 yards each hole. Will hit a drive where I’m pw in. 2nd shot if I aim dead center I almost always hit a push to about 10 yards to the right of the green. If I aim to where that shot shape would get me conservatively center of the green I pull it about 3 yards to the left of the green. If I just get up no thinking hit the ball it’s green or just short. Idk what it is with my swing but if I aim for a fade or slice I hit it straight almost always. But it has gotten me to where I’ve learned to get up and down. Idk if it’s the way the grass is cut but it only happens on 2 and 8 they’re both pointing in the same direction so I’m starting to think it maybe the angle in which the grass is on those 2 holes. Where I play the fairway is usually what would be considered first cut I mean you can hit it center of fairway and ball still not have the best lie. It’s not a bad place to play but just sometimes fairway can be deceiving there

Waleed Govinder says:

Great swing

Anthony Viola says:


Ench8rted says:

Lmaol! Worse one ever!

Tom Gough says:

They make it look so simple😫

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