BREAKING ERIN HILLS: 7,800 Yards from the Tips – Ep. 1

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The Breaking Series is Back! This time we’re at Erin Hills; home of the 2017 U.S. Open where Brooks Koepka walked away with his first Major Championship. Join along as Alex, Chris, Kenderek, and Vaibhav attempt to overcome their personal goals on the longest U.S. Open layout in the tournament’s history.

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Check out ‘Stick Talk’ by Rory Blaklroy (@roryblaklroy) and Roger Steele (@roger_steele):

Special thanks to Whoop for taking part in this series!

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Random Golf Club Films says:

What score would you attempt to break at Erin Hills from the tips?

Alexandre Bx says:

Superb start to this new series. Can't wait for episode 2. Thanks RGC! I'm rooting for all four guys who have the courage to compete here. Hats off!

Thomas Goodwyn says:

I was pumped to apply for the next breaking series before I saw the discriminatory guidelines. White males need not apply.

Jukka Tolvanen says:

A YouTube video with Hollywood production value. A great group of golfers as well.

Alberto Bella says:

When are you guys coming back to Scotland?

Garrett McKelvie says:

Anthony Kim vibes alllllll day

STS Golf says:

Great video as always dude! 🏌️🏌️🏌️🏌️🏌️🏌️

Macky MacPherson says:

Great vibe and awesome people. Rooting for Alex! Every single one of these people have awesome swings!

Josh B says:

What's the song at 3:20 in?? Epic

Justin Clintsman says:

What’s the song in the beginning

Coen Bauschek says:

Hey Erik, I love the group of guys you brought together for this breaking series, I’d love to break pinehurst with a group for RGC…. I’m 15 and it says I’m a +1 handicap, but I’m more of a 2-4 handicap, I still think I could possibly break 80 on a track like pinehurst. Can’t wait for episode 2 of breaking Erin hills though!!

Andrew Daley says:

Chris is awesome

Jordan says:

i couldnt even hit the first fairway

Rick Wu says:

Did anybody else think Alex was going in for the Kevin Na walk in on the putt on hole 3?

604 778 says:

The commentator is the best

Maxwell Bewley says:

The caddies…. wow

Joe Fox says:

Love these series, and Erin Hills is a stunning course!

Make D says:

I am a 2.3 currently and EH kicks my butt every time. Its the walk thats so hard. By number 11-12 you are just so tired. Also could listen to EAL talk golf for hours.

G says:

this is so well produced. Bravo EAL and RGC

Paul Knopp says:

Alex. Wth?

Dracollin says:

This was absolutely amazing. Thank you to the entire team for putting this together and sharing it with us. Cannot wait for Ep. 2. Keep it up.

john Mcgee says:

They are the international Mod Squad.

ahastar1141 says:

The vibe in this group is great. Would love to play a round with any of them

Jack Tanner says:

Really like how calm Alex is. He’s probably the most fun to play with.

Mark Beebe says:

If you do this again, I’m an 11 handicap out of Utah. I drive for show, but haven’t figured out the putt for dough part.😀

Joseph Flynn says:

Love the interaction with the caddies.

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