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I SEARCHED FOR THE WORST GOLF COURSE IN THE UK. THE FIRST THING THAT CAME UP WERE THE EXTREMELY BAD REVIEWS OF THIS GOLF COURSE, AS SHOWN IN THE VIDEO. what do YOU think about this golf course? do you think its fair that this comes up when you google the question? tell me in the comments below!

Robin mathew williams has done something similar to this before so credit to him for here is his channel and go and give him a follow and let him know the golfmates sent you. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmob9ihv8izaukO2JlSI0hA/videos


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Logan Smiley says:

I play a course where the green looks like a bunker, had several putts fly off line after hitting 2 foot wide dead patches

paul baker says:

Don’t look to bad at all

arthur brock says:

Greys Green Golf Course is terrible

James Walton says:

Concord park sheffield

Aügh says:

Hengitsbury head skinniest golf course ever

himmerman says:

your channel is never short of entertaining! Would love to see you come state side!

michael smith says:

At the moment in Canberra Oz its winter and my home course is just about unplayable due to the wet weather, which is a real shame because normally its a brilliant course, so i have to say my home course is the worst i have played.

Haris Musanovic says:

You’ve ever play at a course where there’s no tee times and it’s you play as you come?

Haris Musanovic says:

I followed because I noticed that you’ve invested in a mic. Thanks for not destroying my ears.

Chris Allsop says:

Ingol ? played there groupon breakfast and golf 10er back in the day, never in great condition though

Nigel Maidment says:

Red kite 13.00 I think

John Smith says:

My worst ever: Ponkapoag #1 in Canton, Mass. It is/was legendarily horrible. Played it a lot back about 30 years ago when I was a new golfer. Upside: greens fees were also legendarily cheap – $6 a round back then. Damn shame a Donald Ross course was allowed to go to trash like that.

Jeff Smith says:

Laughterton (midfield golf complex)

David DeKing says:

The worst golf course I've ever played was Pleasant Hills (or as we called it, "Peasant Hills") in San Jose, California. The course owners viewed it as a cash cow and did minimal maintenance while overbooking the tee times. Six and half to seven hour rounds were the norm on the weekend with at least 3 to 4 groups on every tee box. Unfortunately, there was a severe lack of public courses in the area so we played there because we had a company league that played there.

Tom Coulter says:

Try Malkins Bank golf course in Sandbach, Cheshire – I hate the course, unplayable in winter and at most ok in Summer. It was built on a landfill site so i’ll leave you to guess the downsides in Summer

GAM3 MAS73R says:

This course is 5 stars A grade course compared to the last one I played.

Daniel Johnson says:

Nice try. Thames Ditton is actually the worst

Alex Simcox says:

Worst I've played is Hooton golf course the greens are torn up by electric bike and the fairways are boggy 9 months of the year

mike england says:

Concord golf club sheffield..poor !!!

James Salmon says:

I did some work for the European Challenge Tour at this course in 2016, I thought it seemed quite nice! Pro’s did tear it apart a bit though. Tom Detry ended up winning on -29.

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