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It's Marko's Birthday and he's playing with his best friends (OG Crew) at Del Monte golf course in Monterey, California. This course has some of the nicest greens we've played on our Pebble Beach trip and at great value of $110 to play a round!

Total Yardage 6356
71.5 rating
131 slope

Del Monte is a landmark course that has played an instrumental role in popularizing golf out West since its inception in 1897. The birthplace of the California State Amateur and the oldest course in continuous operation west of the Mississippi retains much of that classic charm today, challenging the game’s best golfers with its small, sloping, old-school greens.

Originally designed as a nine-hole course in 1897 by Charles E. Maud and expanded to 18 holes in 1902, Del Monte promptly attracted the game’s best players. The course’s Del Monte Championship was so highly regarded that many considered the champion to be the best golfer in the state. When the California State Amateur was founded in 1912, Del Monte was the natural choice to host it. Del Monte was also selected to host the 1916 Western Amateur, marking the first time one of the era’s biggest national amateur events was played west of Colorado.

1300 Sylvan Road
Monterey, California 93940

Phone: (831) 373-2700
Fax: (831) 655-8792

Del Monte has some great history so be sure to check this link in you want more info about the course.

Mike and I started this journey in January of 2017. What started as a simple passion project to make fun golf videos of amazing courses has taken us to places we would never have imagined back then. Through the years we've been blessed to be able to meet so many great people and experience so many amazing courses. If there's anything you take away from our journey its this: do what you love and do it with conviction. The rest will take care of itself.

Thank you all who have supported us through this journey.

– Mike & Marko

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Ross Nichelson says:

What have you done with the star of the show?

J Wilder says:

OG crew on a new course, I’m watching every time

Paul Davis says:

Liked your video of Ole Del Monte GC. I used to live in Santa Cruz and we would play Ole Del Monte GC for $30. Always enjoyed playing this course, as well as Spyglass, Pebble, and Poppy Hills in Monterey. If you get the chance, play Bayonet and Black Horse in Seaside.

Justin Smith says:

Brian's commentary is on point! Sounds like he is auditioning for the Golf Channel!

Bob Rella says:

I see you’re going with the “Putter is always an option” strategy. 😀

hthomasjhill says:

Happy Birthday Marko

Terrance Fonseca says:

My birthday was the 24th. Happy birthday Marko.

Amry Hj. Seman says:

JC so sharp lately 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

krusher74 says:

Would be nice to see the road outside the coarse to give it context of where it is.

Colonel Mustard says:

Always pulling for the southpaw, but wow did JC and Brian have it going today. Great golf, fun to ride along, Thanks Coach.

Salah Rais says:

Where is Paris? I wanna see Paris. Please bring her back🙏🏻

Joseph Gallo Law says:

B was killin' it

Keith Mason says:

Great 9 holes guys , if Justin worked on his putting your trousers were all down today 😂

K Mac says:

Literally laughed out loud when B-Ski said "Let's keep this thing going another week!" Both JC and Brian playing really well right now- hope dinner was at Ruth Chris or the equivalent. Always love the OG Crew content- thanks guys!

Tim Ruiz says:

Happy Birthday Marko!

Chad Richards says:

Happy birthday Marko. Wish for many more

Tim Ruiz says:

You taking any auditions to play with you guys!? Off or on camera idc, would love a chance to just hang with the boys one round. I am a +8 hcp but have my moments when I shoot better… and worse sometimes lol

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