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J. 4NASH says:

i’m playing both rx and rxs, i’ve been using the rxs a lot lately and for me i do get few more yards over a ProV1. but i’ve been going between the rxs and the TP5X ball. the TP5X actually holds in the wind correct numbers your wanting. the rxs will come short but ball flight looks the same but distance is lost sum. jus gotta swing harder. overall they are very good balls for a slower SS. but no ball will help you if you can’t drive em straight. i believe the TP5X is prob the better ball that’s out for 2017. i do wanna see the new Tour B balls bridgestone just released

Dylan Lynch says:

Rick – would love to see a review on the VICE line of golf balls. Specifically the Pro, Pro +, and Pro Soft. Would really like to see what you think of the Pro Soft and its matte finish.

pickin4you says:

Now,. for you to say a golf ball cannot heal itself and is a ridiculous statement, is not good for you. There are resins and things that when cut, will close. I have a pickup truck with a sprayed in bed liner, and if cut with a knife, the cut will close itself. So saying that statement was ridiculous, is not so ridiculous. It is possible. How else do you explain virtually no wear on the cover, when all other balls you have tested have all shown visible wear and skinned covers with fraying pieces hanging off of them all…. even the Pro-V1 ??? And the only visible damage to these are the painted on letters coming off.

Ethan Sip says:

Do the vice golf balls

kparks24 says:

Bridgestone #1

gdogspacefingerman says:

All these companies claiming their dimples are more aerodynamic than other companies, is just pathetic. There would be a difference of 0.0001 yards if at all

golfbuddy1969 says:

Great video. I am just under 100 mph, but easily play the S. I can also attest to its durability. Even after hitting cart paths or a tree, the ball is not only playable, but almost no visible scarring.

Garrett Healy says:

330 is dimples not ball fittings

brian scrip says:

I tested out both balls and found that the B330 is harder to hook and slice than the B330s. I wish you would test for that. Ideally I want a ball to spin off the wedges but be harder to spin with the woods.

SPizarro74 says:

Incredibly happy playing with b330rxs; ???? for bridgestone

SPizarro74 says:

After trying a huge number of balls in the mkt; been playing 330rxs for a few months and been hitting more rounds un the 70s than ever before. Can't say for sure it's the ball, but not planning on making changes if keep seeing results

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