Brooks Koepka – Slow motion driver swing analysis

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Recent winner of 2017 US Open, Brooks Koepka, is featured in this analysis video. Tyler discusses a key movement of the arms for helping maximize power. However, with a significantly steep angle of attack and a leftward path, you want to be careful copying his release. If you struggle with slices or a chicken wing seeing Brooks tour version of a steep release could help you understand why you struggle with those moves.

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nmssmnnmssmn says:

Really great analysis. Believe it or not, it’s exactly what I do. I only hit a 220 yard drive, but it’s an effortless, slow, easy drive sequence for me. I can hit 10 in a row straight as an arrow with my driver. Not interested in hitting it harder or faster.

Philip Crow says:

Insane lag and move at the top of the swing

phillip ahn says:

'most people think that lag comes from starting your lower body or having good sequencing'

"BUT lag can happen … a sign of good sequencing."

Ted Padres says:

Nice breakdown. Thanks.

BonJovi71 says:

Another “expert” making up his own stories about a golf swing🤣🤣

Z B says:

Want to bomb it like Bryson? While you might need more muscle mass, there are some swing mechanics you can implement to get you past 300 yards. Start here to BOMB it down the fairway:

Mitchell Bonomi says:

Excellent explanation..

313keiko1 says:

Great video thanks

Michael Phillips says:

Who’s narrating this? Jim, from “The Office”?

ellis seven says:

Brooks is a jerk, if these guys do not interaction with fans go wash dishes!

Jo Albright says:

Show some iron shots in slow motion just like this.

David Hunt says:

Kepka swing

Awakened Mind says:

Why is this so difficult for me to do? So frustrating.

LarryTheTril says:

Charles Barkley has the best swing 😀💪🏾

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