What Golf Shaft Should I Play? | Impact of Golf Swing Tempo

What golf shaft should I play? At 2nd Swing, this is an important piece to our award-winning 2nd Swing Tour Van fitting process. One of the key components of that question is not just swing speed, but swing tempo. For every golf swing, there is a different swing tempo. And understanding your swing tempo is just as important as understanding your swing speed.

So, what golf shaft should I play? In this video, 2nd Swing master fitter Thomas Campbell uses Trackman technology to showcase the impact of swing tempo and why it can help identify the correct golf shaft a golfer should be playing.

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15 thoughts on “What Golf Shaft Should I Play? | Impact of Golf Swing Tempo

  1. Just say shaft. Not necessary to say GOLF shaft everytime gents, we are all well aware we are watching a golf video. Great video and content but really come on ?

  2. For me personally-never been fitted-too expensive. Now, with investments doing quite well – I have the ability to do this. I tend to adjust myself before my clubs. After all, the user is always at fault – right!? So my sim max driver – I hit it about 270 yards but have to close the club head about 10 degrees to hit the ball straight. Otherwise it's go find my ball in the right woods area. Slice of the gods! I probably need a stiffer shaft, but hit 13 out of 15 fairways last time out. Do I dare change it up now? I'm sure my closing of the club head might not be as consistent as just getting a stiffer shaft. As for my steel irons-I probably need graphite/wood combo as I swing mid to high 90s and not 115ish for my driver.

  3. How many shaft manufacturers are there? Are they as ubiquitous as tennis shoe makers? It’s really intimidating! Too many choices. The computer can break down my speed and swing style but if there are dozens of mfrs with multiple options, how do you winnow down to just a few options? Btw, are most shafts made in China?

  4. Thank you for this very informative vid, on the back of this I re-analyzed my shaft fitted by a Callaway fitter some time ago. I've never been comfortable with the right misses and your vid explains it all, the 45g shaft was too light for my tempo so I've made a minor adjustment to a 50g slightly stiffer shaft which has tightened my dispersion and eliminated the big right misses without losing any distance. In terms of importance I'd go as far as to say the shaft is possibly the most important consideration in club fitting especially with the driver.

  5. question. Would a ventus black 6x be a tad stiff for someone who has a fast downswing but smooth transition? i top out at 123 but my average is around 115- 118. slower back swing but can unload the speed on the transition. Bought a tensei 1k pro white in a 60x to play a more feely shaft.

  6. I bought PING G425 with the Alta CB 55 stiff.
    Had to get in on line as I was unable to get one at a retailer. They only had that shaft with that driver. My swing speed is 108-110, and I don’t like the whippiness of the shaft.
    This winter I’m going to try out some others.

  7. What is the difference between tempo and transition . Ie harsh or smooth and easiest way to self diagnose which you have . Mizuno test said I have a 3.5. Tempo but aggressive transition am I smooth or not

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