Craziest shots of the year on the PGA TOUR | 2021

You never know what you might see on the golf course. Check out some of the craziest moments from the 2021 PGA TOUR season excluding majors, featuring incredible hole-outs, awesome shot-shaping and lucky bounces.


All the best moments on the PGA TOUR in 2021.

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29 thoughts on “Craziest shots of the year on the PGA TOUR | 2021

  1. Cool move putting Matt Wolff after that goofy putt from Hubbard. At first I was like “ok who’s this guy messing around… oh wait that’s just Matt Wolff”

  2. I can't hit any of these recovery shots that they are making, but it makes me feel better, as a newbie, to see pros having to shoot from the rough too. Everyone starts somewhere so I don't take it to seriously. That has allowed me to have fun taking up something new.

  3. Anyone watched LIV Orlando? Guys wandering around and look like they are there just to furfill their contracts obligations it actually looked depressed…no sparkle to compete by anyone..Bryson, Cam shot -7,-5 but its like they are totally unmotivated…they are getting paid but for some of them at the end of a 5 year..they could maybe even make the same money – probably less as they would if they stayed @PGA…you have endorsments and million other possibilities..Cam Smith could 100% make the same money…if Rickie did with his great personality Cam could do it to, also Bryson and they are starting to get aware of it…less sponsorsips, endorsments because they will get way less recognazible as thew were….Cam definetly made big mistake…he would make same amount with PGA payments and all the other stuff

  4. In my man cave (when I get there), will have the walls painted dark green, a fully stoked bar of scotch, and a tv showing golf 24/7. It’s gonna be awesome

  5. Statisticians have benefitted in all sports lately. I still can’t figure out why they think the speed of the ball and the highest point the ball reaches is of interest to the ordinary fan. It’s even more ridiculous in football and rugby. If it meant anything to the final result I’d understand, but it’s just irrelevance.

  6. Boy…and awful lot of LIV names in the4se highlights. Seem funny when people were saying the people who left to join LIV were not stars.

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