Bryson DeChambeau's driver golf swing in Slow Motion

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A closer look at US Open champion Bryson Dechambeau's driver swing with Swing Index.

More infomation here: www.swingindex.gol


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Hosoi Archives says:

He’s not very good

TheNYgolfer says:

I see a lot of surgeries in his future if he doesn't calm that urge to be the longest driver on the LIV Tour

James Thomson says:

He does just roast those drives, I like when your confidence is in the right place and yeah just rip into it… Good result

dathyr1 says:

He is one of the longest hitters of a golf ball on the tour. Nice to be young, strong, and flexible. Also modern day equipment and golf balls do help some. I am amazed on the raw Swing and ball speeds they create. Golf has really changed with the extensive workouts these golfers go through to even obtain the distances on a golf course. Great video.

cs1810 says:

That hand rotation at impact is interesting.

Doug Walsh says:

Impressive to watch but just can't see this lasting with all that force on the spine. Reminds me of what Johnny Miller said about young Tiger Woods' swing will end up causing him back problems prematurely. Difference being Dechambou bulked up before unleashing the power. Tiger weighed 160ish when he did it.

Joseph h Hickman says:

The ball was not even halfway up its arc as he casually picked the tee off the turf…say what you will…the dude has some swag.

Justin Murray says:

Big man hit ball hard

Ghetto Golf With TuMeR2oVeR says:

His fuckin hips are robotic….hes using his WHOLE BODY like a whip…and EVERY PIECE OF POWER is condensed into the head of the golf club….he has more of a disc golf/baseball mix swing with that crazy flow of energy…..WOW

John Dickson says:

Here's the secret to BD's power: Be built like a brick outhouse and be able to turn your shoulders to 110 to 120 degrees. Achieve those two things, and you'll be hitting it really long too.

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