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Peter Mahringer says:

Great Video Dan. Pleased compare 919 forged and Ping 210

Jack Emerson says:

Love the #AskDan videos so far, very informative!! Can you compare ping I210 vs. Titleist 718 AP2?

Jason White says:

I’m playing with Mizuno mp-59 with carbon shafts but have been told they could be to light for me. I love the clubs, yet first irons I have played with but love to hear your opinion on them and what you’d suggest looking for as my next set.

Steve Berens says:

Well there is a bit in it. The mizuno is 2d less loft and going 1 yard further, wonder what would happen if both the same loft

Rhize says:

Yeah, good job Dan!

Willem Parshley says:

Man, those were some pure effing strikes. Shows in the numbers — 165 carry with 7100 spin seems like the optimum Get Up Dan 7 iron.

Joel Crow says:

Don't even need to watch this video, Jackson…Mizuno is the right choice. #getfitted

Philip Smith says:

Great video Dan, I know it cant always be done, but watching you guys test clubs is always better on course

Timothy Daniels says:

A very informative review. One of the newer innovations (for me) is the introduction of cup face inserts that increase ball speed. I play Titleist AP1 irons and feel that they look fairly similar to the Mizuno in terms of size and offset. I’m curious about the difference in performance between these Mizuno’s and the hot metal irons with their hotter face.

mike hunt says:

Callaway will be bringing out a new Apex very soon i would think.

Jason Suter says:

Nice dan…hey lester?
If it comes down to looks mizuno hands down there sexy as

John Dunne says:

Good job. Since they are so close in performance etc only one other question. What about the price (RRP)?

adam lawrence says:

I have the Apex and Apex UT's in longer irons. What is the difference between the apex and apex pro's? I like the apex alot. I currently play off 6 and am a better ball striker now than I was when I brought the irons. But being a below knee amputee I think I do need the forgiveness of the apex. Maybe a combo set would be good?

Dave Reid says:

Mizunos one hundred percent. they look pretty. Lovely to see Dan and cameo. Loveliness.

Alan Robertson says:

Great video. Very well presented by Dan.

clem fisher says:

With the Mizuno 2 degree lower loft, would have expected it to be 5-7 yds longer

jkron02 says:

I'm gaming Apex pro . Gave me the most spin.

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