Callaway Drivers Comparison | Epic Speed vs Mavrik

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This Callaway drivers comparison breaks down two drivers from the past two generations from Callaway, including the Callaway Epic Speed driver for 2021 and the Callaway Mavrik driver from 2020.

In this video, 2nd Swing's Thomas Campbell and Drew Mahowald use Trackman technology to test out these two Callaway drivers to identify the similarities and differences.

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C Carlock says:

Put a 6 gram weight in the Mavrik, makes it way better!!!

Marty Epperly says:

Interesting to see Trackman at Les Bolstad Golf Course. I assume that's the U of M course. I took my first real golf lessons from Coach Bolstad when I took a PE golf class from him back in the early '70's. Ahh, memories!

Ross Higier says:

Should be with the sub zero

Laurence Nefzger says:

I wish this driver test (and driver tests in general) would highlight club head speeds in the 90s. I think that would represent more of the average golfing public.

Revo900 says:

So excited for my Mavrik.

Just got a titleist c712 iron set and a mint mavrik from you guys. Excited to get some range time and set a tee time next week. 😬

DJ Neary says:

Club says Srixon ZX5 the whole time lol

Frankie Lambardo says:

The Mavrik is the better driver.

Ablazer says:

Neither one is in the same league with the tour edge C-721 , What do you think Thomas , I can't believe its not in your bag !!!. Keep the good content coming

Tyler Price says:

The epic speed played on tour is a triple diamond model that is like the mavrik sub zero with the weight in the front

Aiman Favian says:

What about giveaway?

Zeke Bones says:

That poor Mavrik, look at those ball marks on the club face @1:38

james wilkes says:

The ONLY place I shop for clubs.

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