In this video, you will learn about the best golf drivers of all time. We'll be looking at some of the most popular models from Callaway and TaylorMade, and we'll also provide some tips on how to choose the right driver for your game.

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10 thoughts on “WHAT IS THE BEST GOLF Driver of ALL TIME

  1. I still bring my old callaway great big bertha 2 driver out now and again as it is a fairway finder and I like the look ,feel and headsize. Sentiment value I guess

  2. Only rich kids had the Callaway GBB when I was in high school (1994fall-1999spring), I had the Cleveland VAS+ driver. and I still have it. For sure not my gamer, but every now and then I'll dust it off. It almost feels/sounds like a persimmon compared to todays material. Also, I purchased a GBB later in life, it is a very fun club to hit…thinking about those rich kids I used to beat with my lowly Cleveland. haha Great video.

  3. I find it funny because I played golf when I was 20-24 until I hurt my back and then had kids. This was 20 years ago so about 2001. When I came back to playing and bought new clubs and driver I am hitting the driver about 70 metres further and I am now 46 yrs old.

  4. I remember watching the Dunhill cup at St Andrew’s and a Canadian player who played in Japan called Rick Gibson had this Taylor made driver bit it was a dark blue colour over there and much nicer.

  5. There was the the Big, Great Big, and lastly the BIGGEST Big Bertha Callaways back then. I loved my 12 degree warbird Callaway, complete with memphis 10 steel shaft and half cord grip. The real deal Taylormade Tibubble 2driver with the odd bubble shaft was the rage also, not so much the Firesole, supersteel.,,,there's anotner one I think before the better 300 series came out. But we can't leave out the fierce competition to both:: Cobra's King Cobra titanium and deep face ti drivers used by both Greg Norman and Tiger Woods, Ping had nothing great with the metal Zing II but eventually caught up decades end(90's), dont forget the Killer Bee driver complete with bulwhip shaft, but maybe Titleist closed that era with better player 975 D's. I still have my Taylormade burner Tour irons in the bag right now, from the mid to late ninties, all the copper paint scratched out and shiny,,, solid stiks, complete with Rifle shafts. Great days back then, the science was actually knowing your limits and abilities, trial and error, that sort of thing…..FUN.

  6. I gamed the Callaway Warbird for my first metal driver. Had the matching 3W which I had in the bag for almost 15 years. I ended up with a Mizuno T-Zoid “forged” driver to replace the warbird, but I couldn’t hit a driver to save my life back then and hit that 3W off the tee plenty long enough. Now I need all the new driver tech to get a driver anywhere close to my old 3W distance and fortunately hit driver a lot better now so it has worked out ok.

  7. Compared to my my old ping woods the Big Bertha appeared massive I remember using my mates and hiting it 30yds past him. Went out and bought one the next week. Currently usung Sim2 driver and Maverick fairways

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