Callaway Epic Speed Driver Review by TGW

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Marty Epperly says:

Why would this driver not be suited for a higher handicap? It seems to me that a more forgiving club that reportedly hits straighter would be ideal for a high handicapper. Aren't you more likely to lower your handicap if you can keep your ball in the fairway?

Philip says:

I found this driver so unbelievably forgiving, i sliced my RBZ tour driver about 60% of the time…. tried a sim 2 max and cut that down to about 40%….. with this driver Im consistently straight where a slice is very much a exception (maybe 1 drive per round) and consistent 300+ yardage absolutely love it… just need to put in putting time because that singlehandledly is killing my scores

wnfakind says:

I’ve read many reviews that says this driver is good for a wide range of golfers

Lawrence Williams says:

Could you compare Epic Speed vs Mavrk standard head?

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