I'M SORRY SRIXON!! | Srixon ZX7 Driver

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Srixon ZX7 Driver Review.

Alex Etches tests the 2020 Srixon Driver, the Srixon ZX7 Driver.

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Daniel says:

I wish I could bomb like that, my longest shot is at 268meters downwind on a really firm fairway

DirtOffRoad says:

Srixons old Z545 driver was an amazing driver too.. I still use mine occasionally, owned since release and it still sends a ball 290 for me on average. I've probably hit it 1000s of times and there's no signs of any performance loss. They make amazing drivers. I won my new Zx7 and love that too, gained 10 yards with it 👍

Nick S. says:

Just got fitted for this after hitting all the other “big” brands and was getting almost the exact same numbers you were getting. Ordered it immediately. So easy to hit!

Mike S says:

recently went all Srixon in my bag ZX5 driver s flex , 5w 3.2' shaft ( beast of a club ) 3H , H4 with a set of Z785 irons Nippon tour 120 s.flex shafts ,, realize mostly last yrs gear but got them all brand new at a ridiculous price ,, have to say couldn't be happier always played Pings but damn id buy another set of Srixons in a heart beat

Jay Black says:

Great review and now that you crushed the ZX7 I would like to see you have a go at it with the ZX5.

naturalbeast says:

After being fitted and hitting absolutley everything ( i went to multiple different fitting sessions to make sure) my new saying is, " if your not playing srixon, your a moron"

naturalbeast says:

Throw the zx7 head on an accra tz 5 shaft …you have no idea how fantasticly srixon irons and woods pair with accra shafts. Cheers from canada , thank me later

Arvind Das says:

I love srixon ! Its awesome everytime!

ContrOVer CC says:

Never used to be a fan of srixon. Partially because I was a bigger name fanboy.. their products are amazing. May be a lifer with them tbh.. they don't miss..

mohamad fadzli says:

Bro, which one do you prefer, zx7 or zx5

Sepho91 says:

I have the ZX7, its one unbelievable driver.

Dennis D says:

Hideki games the ZX5.

Suburban Conan says:

What balls were you using?
Try it again with the Srixon Distance ball.
Prepare to be surprised champ.

SilverBro says:

Looks decent

Chris T says:

Boy AL you gave this one a “Beatin” lol
More ways than one. Srixon hopes everyone watched all the way through
For the good results


I have the Driver , 5 wood and combo set on the way cant wait

Sang Ly says:

Can you review zx5 driver please. 🙏

David Murray says:

own this driver. its awesome. get one!

Ariesnc says:

I have the Srixon Z785 driver but not sure this one can out due the previous model. I purchased my last Srixon driver after watching your review!! It was one of the best decisions I made .

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