Callaway Golf X Hot 3Deep Vs TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2

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Callaway Golf X Hot 3Deep V's TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2
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Ira Shoff says:

Might suggest your previous way of alternating clubs may give a different
result. You appeared noticeably tired by the time you got to the RBZ. Just

tigerbalm says:

3Deep was the most impressive 3w I tried last summer. My longest on
monitor was 290 and playing I get 275 yds. I don’t use my 3w off the deck
as a hybrid is much more accurate to hit greens from 230 yds out. I’d
rather layup with an iron than mis-hit a 3w off deck! For stronger
players, hitting 3w off deck on par 5’s is a thing of the past. This year,
I just got the Razr Xtreme and longest was 330 yds with many in the
290’s…unbelievable for a 440 cc head! I maybe old school in that I
prefer smaller heads that I can go after with more precision. I
concentrate on precision off the tee rather than muscle a ball that ends up
in a bad lie…

Cace Smith says:

Rick…thanks for the great comparison of these two. Exactly what I was
looking for, as I’m in the market to pull my driver and go with a “mini
driver” club for tee shots. Love the work you’re doing. Keep it up!!

Daithi G says:

Hello Rick as a Callaway using player myself whats your thoughts on the
amount product Callaway produce and release into the market each year
they`er constantly churning out stuff it`s disheartening when you pay top
dollar for a driver and by the time you get to the course to use it it`s
obsolete,in one year they brought out 5 driver`s that`s crazy.

Scott Dreyfus says:

I loved the 3deep, I was embarrassed to hit it farther than my driver. I
have since come full circle and picked up a x2 hot 2deep

Mububban23 says:

Callaway spun 1000rpm less, and launched at 12.9 degrees vs 10.6 for the
RBZ. Same 103mph clubhead speed, but the RBZ actually had 3mph more ball
Higher launch, lower spin, maybe there’s something to that after all :-)

Scott Dreyfus says:

I loved the 3deep, I was embarrassed to hit it farther than my driver. I
have since come full circle and picked up a x2 hot 2deep

golfomio says:

I love these comparison tests, but this one is slightly flawed. what’s the
point of buying a fairway wood that you can’t hit off the deck?

ThunderJarvis says:

I replaced my Titleist 910 Fd 3 wood with the Rocketballz Stage 2 3 wood
and what a difference. These fairway driver 3 woods are really hard to hit
off the fairway , especially tight fairways. The Rocketballz stage 2 is the
longest and easy hitting 3 wood I’ve ever played. 

chuckyz2 says:

If you got fitted for both clubs and put the proper sprained shafts in them
for your swing, you would get accurate results. Surely you know that off
the shelf clubs are almost never a proper fit or spine aligned. You got
lucky getting a good one with the calmly as your accuracy showed. Any good
golfer would have hit both clubs well if there was not a horribly aligned
shaft in them. 

Rich Diorio says:

Hi Rick: Love how you do your club tests!! Best on You Tube! I subscribed
to you on you tube but not sure aha this means since I don’t get any
e-mails from you.
Would you say the RBZ stage 2 fairway is significantly easier to hit off
the deck than the Callaway? And or what 3-5 wood would you recommend for
forgiveness and ease of hitting off the deck even if it’s a year or 2 old.

Daniel Fischer says:

PLEASE can you do an sldr 3 wood vs rbz tour 2012 vid?? or even just a data
release to your subscribers to see which is longer? we’ve heard from MANY
people that the rbz 2012 tour is longer than most current clubs so we were
hoping to get real decision on this matter form a real player

Brandon Wilfong says:

3 deep is basically a driver so not a good comparison 

Sgt Pepper says:

Like your vids Rick,if I didn’t live so far away i’d come 4a lesson

GENO Dboy says:

I hit my 14.5 around 265 how far is your 13 going

theMANxGOLFER says:

Titleist 913Fd vs Callaway Xhot 3Deep. I wish you had a way of measuring
the stock swing weight and CPM of the stock shafts.

SuperYoda7 says:

Could you please make a Callaway xhot pro vs callaway xhot Deep? I have the
Xhot pro and it is very Long of the Tee!

1WEEBLE1 says:

great video as usual, and such a nice swing

Joseph Bouie says:

i think i found a new channel to subscribe to. Good vid!

GENO Dboy says:


Johnjayhawk83 says:

The Calloway 3 Deep 13 degree is about as long as my driver. I have stopped
carrying a driver now because I’m much straighter with the 13 degree.

Johnjayhawk83 says:

Xhot 13 Degree VS Any Driver!

tuomas seppälä says:

It seems you might get a way better performance with different shaft in
stage2.. Nice launch angle but spun too much. Good smash factors also. With
3 deep it’s nice to have a deep face and have a little bit room for errors
in different lies and from teebox aswell. Impressive

genelibunao says:

Please compare FT optiforce to X hot.

Sgt Pepper says:

Can’t see anything beating the 3deep 4 distance?

tigerbalm says:

I hit the RBZ, did not like the sound or feel and much less distance than 3
Deep on average. 3 Deep is for stronger players with fast swing, but not
confident with driver on tight fairways. Reality, even most good players
struggle with drivers. I now carry 3 deep and shallow 3 wood. You just
cannot hit a drive OB in golf! Launch monitor had my best 3 Deep drive of
295 yds. I believe it, since on the course, I was reaching 280+ yds with
the control I did not have with my driver.

Ben Matthew says:

@tigerbalm couldn’t agree more I now game a 13 degree 3 deep and kept my
G20 15 degree fairway wood in the bag, as the 3 deep is far to hard to hit
off the deck 🙁 my G20 driver is well and truely relegated to the shed,
only downside I have is a big gap between my G20 and my 19 hybrid so my
next buy will be a 4 wood……. probobly a G20 🙂

Michael Mohr says:

Please do more wood comparisons, I’ve used your vids quite often to help me
build my bag.

tigerbalm says:

Just picked up the 3 Deep and I was carrying 275+ on launch monitor. On the
range with range balls, carry 245 yds. The longest and best
sounding/feeling 3 woods I’ve ever hit! I love that sharp, crisp snap when
hit solid! You cannot slice with the 3 Deep. Easy to draw…but a little
too easy. Purely for tee shots as i carry a shallow 3 wood and hybrid off
Fairways. 3 Deep is only a little shorter than driver, but the control is

Ben Anderson says:

Can you do a review of the titleist 913 please?

GENO Dboy says:

I HIT ALL 3 WOODS OUT THERE the best by far is the 3 DEEP I own the 14.5 I
never hit the 13 no 3 wood compares

PsyQo Kolby says:

Agree with Ben down there. D3 would be nice to see

Keith Newton says:

Rick as you included the titleist 913 in the 3 wood face off , why did you
miss out the d2 and d3 in the driver face off and can you add them now
cheers Keith

Paul Mühlböck says:

Hi Rick, how long do you hit the 3deep in comparision to your normal drive?
Is ist a real driver replacement?

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