Callaway Sub Zero Driver Comparison: Mavrik, Epic Flash, Rogue, GBB Epic | Trackman Test

Callaway Golf has long been a leader in golf equipment innovation, and that includes drivers. In this exclusive video, 2nd Swing's Thomas Campbell and Drew Mahowald test the past four generations of Callaway Sub Zero drivers, including the Callaway Mavrik, Callaway Epic Flash, Callaway Rogue, and Callaway GBB Epic. The #Callaway Sub Zero #Driver #Comparison was conducted using an outdoor-capable #Trackman launch monitor and the mobile Trackman app.

NOTE: The aiming point Thomas used on the driving range is left of the center of the screen.

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13 thoughts on “Callaway Sub Zero Driver Comparison: Mavrik, Epic Flash, Rogue, GBB Epic | Trackman Test

  1. Dont buy a Calloway, the crown will break. Hit high on the club face on two different epic GBB's. Both broke on the top of the crown. First was replaced by Calloway, the second, I am afraid to send back.

  2. how could you? how could you not see the flaw in your testing strategy??! First off, your test suggests that in 5 yrs callaway has made a 12yd gain after a mere 3 driver developments? 4 yds per year gain compared to an historic average of 1 yd per year across all drivers from all manufacturers. I highly doubt that. The obvious hiccup in your testing plan was hitting the mavrik last after he is warmed up and 'in the groove'; you should have done a return set of drives working from mavrik reverse through to 2017 Epic and THEN averaged out the numbers…… but then again, that would have been bad for marketing. you may have convinced some, but most are looking at this test cock-eyed.

  3. Rogue was a pull hook machine for me. Felt too light. Mavrik sub-zero was better but still has the occasional snappy hook, even with the heavy weight back. Thinking I should have gone with the Epic flash with weight towards the toe. Current gamer is still a Nike Covert 2 tour, in the fade setting. Rarely hook it. Need something with similar flight characteristics but a bit longer and more forgiving.

  4. Great video! Please do more of these. I have the GBB Epic and I am trying to figure out if it is worth it to get a newer model (performance vs price). In general, the review videos are the new model vs the prior year’s, but most of us don’t buy clubs every year. We buy clubs every 3, 4, or 5 years or we get used clubs of prior years that are still an upgrade. This was great for me to see the performance of the GBB Epic and to look upgrade to the Epic Flash! Thanks again!

  5. Another great test and much like the TM one the spin numbers seem to jump up and down through the years, not in a linear way. Again like TM the Epic GBB and M2 2016 might lose a couple of yards, but I do wonder if your swing speed would increase slightly as you loosen up? however they are super straight and have great dispersion numbers. All the marketing we have forced down our throats especially by Callaway and TM doesn't seem to add up to much in the real world. Once again love the content.

  6. Hopefully Thomas and Drew will do TM Driver comparison among SLDR, R15, M1 (2016), M1 (2017), M3, M5, SIM. All with the same shaft.

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