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23 thoughts on “TOP 5 BIG BRAND DRIVER'S FOR £100 IN 2023!?

  1. Just picked up a TS3 8.5 degrees in stiff flex shaft for 90 pounds from a very nice gentleman. Very pleased. Slight scratch on face but purely cosmetic nothing you can notice at address. Definitely lower spinning though and very different flight to my g400 max. Moving to the Plymouth area so might consider using this driver on the tighter more windy links courses.

  2. Hi Simon,I know this is a different video but I watched your most underrated video recently from 2021 and you actually said the RBZ was crap,I currently am playing this club and whilst I know it is not the best I don't think it's crap? keep up the good work

  3. 18hc can easily carry a driver 280 plus. I'm physically strong with gym, even though my game is weak. I feel I need a heavier stiffer shaft but a forgiving head, it's hard to find this combo on the second hand market. Any help. Looking at a 44.5 inch 80g tour stiff ping g30 sf 10°. Have a gut feeling it will work. Always find chocking down helps without sacrificing distance and I can't control lighter whippy shafts. Even My 60g stiff 3 wood shaft feels light and unstable to me.

  4. On advice from a previous video upgraded from my Ping G10 to a G400 Max changed the shaft to a 55 gram stiff and went from 254 to 267 with no extra effort, to be fair it cost £125 but unless it breaks it's not going anywhere. Just a quick point I had a driver fitting at Celtic Manor and my old Ping G10 went further and with better dispersion than the latest TSR.

  5. Perfect driver for the slow swinger, high handicapper – Callaway Big Bertha Fusion (2016) HL. 13.5 degree that you can crank up to 15.5 degrees, so the slow swinger is basically using a long-shafted huge-sweet spotted 3 wood.

  6. Just bought ts2 hzardus rdx black shaft…as replacement for ping g just because of excellent condition..The ping was a bit worn…Titleist owners take care of their clubs.

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